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Where Can I Buy Teeccino?

Updated on August 19, 2014

Great Value 3-Pack at

I purchase my Teeccino from because you can order a 3-pack and pay about $7 a bag. One bag goes quick and most health food stores will sell one bag anywhere from $9 - $10.

Order the 3-Pack on Amazon

Best Coffee Substitute

When I decided to remove caffeine from my diet I thought my coffee drinking days were over. You may wonder, why not just drink decaf coffee? Well, even decaf versions have a small percentage of caffeine still present. I searched for coffee substitutes and learned about Teeccino. It is naturally caffeine free because it isn't made from coffee.

Another coffee alternative I tried before discovering Teeccino was Pero. Pero is a powdered beverage that you just mix with hot water. It wasn't bad but it just didn't quite have the flavor and body of coffee. Teeccino can be brewed in your coffee maker or used in a French press. Both of which I own, so I was excited that I didn't have to give up using them.

You can generally find Teeccino sold in local health food stores but only certain ones in my area sell it. One of the stores in my area is out of the way. I searched online and found that sells it at a great price. Since I am an Amazon Prime customer, I also get free shipping.

How Teeccino Tastes

Teeccino comes in a variety of flavors. I have liked all of the ones I've tried so far but I think my favorite has been Almond Amaretto. Brewing it smells and looks just like coffee. It has the same body and closest flavor to coffee that you can imagine. It also tastes great with creamer and sugar if that is how you usually drink coffee.

There are even recipes on the package for making iced coffee beverages so you won't miss those treats you may have purchased at local coffee shops. When you purchase from Amazon, they are sold in package of 3. That may seem like a lot at once but it is actually very convenient if you drink it daily. The bags can go fairly quickly and you'll be glad you have it in supply.


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