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Where Do Almonds Come From? Peach or Apricot?

Updated on October 24, 2012

Do Almonds Come From Peaches or Apricots?

It is often asked, where do almonds come from? Do almonds come from peaches or apricots? Almonds in fact do not come from neither, although all 3 are form a very similar family.

Almonds are very closely related to apricots and peaches, but are in a different genera. The almond tree bears fruit, which is called a drupe, and inside contains the almond that we eat everyday.

Almonds are generally categorized into 2 main categories: the bitter variety, or the sweet variety. The sweet variety is the type more commonly found in every food preparation and processing such as edible food or beauty products from almond extracts and almond oils. On the other hand, the bitter variety also has many uses, but will need to be properly treated as the bitter almonds have enough prussic acid to be toxic for human consumption.

Prussic acid in itself is fine. However, after chewing and digestion, it turns into cyanide, which is a common poison used throughout history. That is why many stories explain how the poison tasted like marzipan, which is made of almonds. Fortunately, once this acid is strained out, the bitter almond can be consumed without any problem.


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