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Where to Buy Coconut Oil Online Costco Doesn't Have it

Updated on March 24, 2011

Buy Quality Organic Coconut Oil at the Best Prices

Buy Coconut OIl Online to Save

Coconut oil turns from solid to liquid at 76 degrees Fahrenheit so keep this in mind if you buy online in the summer time. Coconut has a shelf life well over a year (Up to 2 Years) so it's easy to purchase and store.

I use too cooking oils almost exclusively; the first being organic coconut oil and the second organic extra virgin olive oil. Between coconut oil and olive oil you can cook pretty much anything that needs oil for cooking. Extra virgin olive oil is available at Costco for a very good price so I don’t need to shop for it anywhere else. Costco’s price is typically 40% cheaper than grocery stores. Coconut Oil is not only hard to find in the local grocers (If you are searching for Organic) but they often do not even have it.

Brands of Coconut Oil I’ve tried are Spectrum and Nutiva. Spectrum Oils are in general of pretty good quality, but I find Nutiva to be even better. I also like that that Nutiva Brand of Coconut oil is Organic and Extra Virgin. But where to buy coconut oil for a good price is not an easy question to answer unless you go online.

For those of you who do not know what “Extra Virgin” means it’s simply that the oil is pressed one time and collected. That oil is the “First Press”… think of it like this. Lets say you have a towel that is wet… you twist it and water comes out. The water that comes out the first time you squeeze it is the “Extra Virgin” water. The first pass is just a higher quality oil.

I use coconut oil for cooking and as lotion on my face and hands… it’s a wonderful moisturizer in small quantities. And I like the idea of using natural products that are not manmade; plus I enjoy the scent.

Uses for Coconut Oil

  • Skin Care – has some medicinal properties for certain skin conditions
  • Digestion – the saturated fats in coconut oil have anti-bacterial properties and aid in the absorption of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids
  • Fat Loss – Stimulates your metabolism, improves thyroid function, and helps you keep your energy up
  • Healing – a thin layer of coconut oil helps prevent bacteria, dust, and dirt from entering small scrapes and cuts
  • Hair – Coconut oil is found in many commercial hair care products and soaps because it provides essential proteins and moisturizing oils.

Where to Buy Coconut Oil Online

These are the places I make my online purchases. I would recommend you shop around for the best price online and don’t forget about the additional costs of shipping and taxes when you do your comparison shopping. Again these are places that I personally buy from not every possible place. I will usually compare each time I buy then choose the best price as I usually buy Nutiva Brand. Keep in mind that Amazon offers free 2nd Day Shipping if you are in their Amazon Prime program. This program really pays off if you order frequently from Amazon.

  • iHerb – Ships out of California and offers a percentage off discount based on the total amount of the order. I use them when I plan on ordering over $40 because that is the break off point for free shipping and it’s a short hop on the UPS truck from the Los Angeles area to Las Vegas so I get it quick. In the summer when it’s really hot you do not want the oil on the truck a long time. Coconut Oil is solid up to 76 degrees then it turns into a liquid.  Update:  Feb 2011.  iHerb has raised their prices and the minimum shipping has gone up as well to $60 before it's free. Sad because now I have to find a new place because I just can't use that much Coconut Oil.  Back to Amazon I guess.
  • Amazon – Depending on what else I buy I’ll stack an order.
  • Vitamin Shoppe – for me the prices are usually good but it ships from the East Coast so this is my 3rd Option.

Price Comparison of Coconut Oil

Just for fun while writing this article I decided to compare prices of Nutiva 54 Ounce Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil. At this writing prices were as follows (Not counting shipping or volume discounts):

  • iHerb – $23.95
  • Amazon – $21.09
  • Vitamin Shoppe - $21.09

So you can see that it pays to shop around where you buy coconut oil!

The Nutiva Brand Coconut Oil I Buy Online

Nutiva Brand Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil - 54 oz - I usually buy for about $20
Nutiva Brand Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil - 54 oz - I usually buy for about $20


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