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Where to Buy Rice in The United States

Updated on March 14, 2011

Where to Buy Rice in The United States

Where to Buy Rice in The United States. As a migrant in the United States (US), when I first arrived here, I wonder where I could buy rice. Rice has been my staple food and I grew up eating it like most South East Asian people do. I figured that since many people in the world eat rice and they say you can buy everything or anything here in the US, so I was not worried. I discovered that it is not at all difficult to find rice in the US, in fact it is everywhere as most people also eat and like rice here. Stores sell good varieties from Jasmine, Thai rice, Indian rice and many more. In fact in Arkansas, one of the state here in the US, they produced rice as well. Rice is the second grain next to corn which has high production in the world.

When you choose what rice to buy you should take into consideration the size, texture, aroma, whether you want it to be sticky or not plus the manner you will cook it with like fried rice with shrimp etc. In addition you need to know whether you prefer rice from a particular country or a variety. After that, you can proceed to buy any rice you prefer.

Where to Buy Rice in The United States --- Rice varieties

There are thousands of rice varieties from all over the world to choose from and personally I prefer the one from Asia, mostly South East Asian rice. My favorite is Jasmine rice, as it smells good and it is whole grained plus white in color.

There are twenty one country specific rice and under it are many varieties. So when one is choosing which variety to choose, there are some considerations to make although all varieties of rice are much more the same in terms of nutrients.

Where to Buy Rice in the United States

There are many places to buy rice here in the US. First and foremost is to choose which one you prefer like size, aroma and variety. Although to some they just prefer the white rice.

In terms of size of rice :

  • There are three sizes to rice long grain, medium or short grain. I prefer the long grain as when they are cooked they become so big and I like them spread out thinly yet longer than other forms of rice

Aroma -

  • I choose Jasmine rice form Thailand which are sold in different big stores and supermarkets here in the US

Texture and Color of Rice :

  1. Brown rice
  2. White rice
  3. Parboiled Rice -- rice that are steam pressured before milling, they are more separate grain and this is more on commercial as chef usually want this one for extra fluffiness
  4. Some are sticky rice, usually are rice preferred to make rice cakes etc.

The rice varieties are not much different, and usually they only differ in terms of cooking characteristics and flavor or aroma. At times you can use them interchangeably.

Where to Buy Rice in the United States

In the United States, there are lots of supermarket and stores to choose from, so one can have rice as often as they want to

Specific stores

  1. Asian stores --usually Asian stores are present in every cities in the United States specially in the more populous cities. You can find Asian stores in every cities, two or three at the most. I find Asian store to have all the most varieties of rice to choose from -- Basmati, Jasmine Indian rice and lots more, plus they sell it in bigger bulk, like twenty kilos and some more to choose from. Twenty kilos usually costs to 12 to 18 USD.
  2. At Walmart -- yes you can buy anything at Walmart -- US most popular superstore. They sell rice but not in bulk or large amount they come in small packages only, Plus they have variety of Mexican rice as well. You just need to go to the spot where they also sell beans etc. and you can choose there. It is not as many varieties to choose from unlike the Asian stores but it is good enough.
  3. Sams Club -- this supersale club store sells rice in bulk and you have lots of choices to choose from. This is available in every city and anywhere else in the US.

Of course there are restaurants which cater to different cultural tastes like Chinese, Asians, Indiana, Mexicans etc and they are already cooked, not the uncooked rice.


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    • Mentalist acer profile image

      Mentalist acer 7 years ago from A Voice in your Mind!

      Rice is a big part of our diet in southern Louisiana, we hardly ever eat potatoes at home in Cajun Country:)

    • rprcarz50 profile image

      rprcarz50 7 years ago

      Great read . Who would think rice is so detailed . Thank you so much for this very useful Hub.


      as always also a2z50