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Where to Get Similac Formula Coupons

Updated on February 18, 2013
There are many places to get Similac coupons, which you can use on their products, such as the one displayed in the image above.
There are many places to get Similac coupons, which you can use on their products, such as the one displayed in the image above.

Babies take to different formulas in different ways. One brand may cause your baby to spit-up horribly while another may work wonders. If you have found a formula that works for you, such as Similac, you probably don't want to risk trying to change to a less expensive store brand. Even so, you may notice the price of this formula to be almost twice as much as a comparable store brand.

You do not have to pay full price for baby formula. If you can find discounts and coupons, you can save dollars off the purchase of each container of formula. The only hard part is finding places where you can get these discounts. Thankfully, there are many places to look.

Register at the Similac Website

Similac has a program, known as "Strong Moms." This program will send you free samples, coupons and other special offers. Sometimes you can even get free cases of ready-to-feed formula. The discounts are somewhat random, so you just have to wait to see what you get.

To get started, visit the Similac website and create an account. After you create an account, you should automatically get discounts. You can also use the "Contact" link, at the bottom of the website, to email customer service. I recommend specifically asking for samples and coupons. If they are able to give you some, you should receive them in your mailbox within a few weeks.

Purchase Coupons on eBay

People get Similac checks and have no use for them. Some of these people post these as an eBay listing. If you can bid and purchase a low-cost listing of $5 Similac checks, you can save quite a bit of money on formula purchases.

When purchasing on eBay, remember these checks have a specific name on them. Most of the time this should not matter, though, as most cashiers aren't going to as to see your ID. When you bid on a listing, be sure to check the seller's feedback to ensure they are a reputable person to buy from.

Ask your baby's doctor

Sometimes you can get free sample cans of formula and coupons by asking your baby's doctor. Many officers are partnered with formula companies and get paid for handing out samples, so one great place to look is at your baby's doctor office. Even if they do not currently have any offers for you, it does not hurt to ask.

Save Money by Buying in Bulk

Let's face it: by the time your baby is one year old, she is going to go through a lot of formula. A great way to save some cash on it is to buy formula in bulk. There are many places to buy bulk formula online. The most popular is probably Amazon. You can buy huge bulk packages for around $100. The great thing is, you can sign up for automatic shipments, so you should never run out and don't have to worry about late-night trips to the store when you suddenly run out of formula.


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