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Where to eat in Hershey, PA?

Updated on April 3, 2010
portabella crab
portabella crab

Where to eat in Hershey?

 These top 5 restaurants in Hershey, Pennsylvania will satisfy your appetite while you are at the historic tourist chocolate covered place. The list of best restaurants in Hershey, PA includes Fire Alley, Isaac's, Bread n Cheese of Hershey, Dafnos' Italian and Fenicci's restaurant. You can also choose to eat in Hershey, PA at other great restaurants like Fuddruckers, or the Union Canal house or the What if of Hershey.

Best Hershey Restaurants

 Fire Alley

At Fire Alley restaurant on Hershey, pennsylvania, you can enjoy many unique specialties along with some traditional menu selections, in a friendly and authentic atmosphere. The dining area is decorated with store front motifs with seating for couples on their night out and families at the booth tables.  The dining area is separate from the bar area and is great for families or more intimate groups. There are overhead TVs in the center of the room. The Fire Alley is next door to the The Cocoplex Cinema, which is great for a family night with dinner and a movie. 

The secret is the Fire Alley's roots are in The Fire House Restaurant in Harrisburg!  In fact, the Fire Alley is sometimes called "Fire House 2".  It is really easy when deciding where to eat in Hershey, PA as this one stands out with a great atmosphere and a fantastic menu.

Isaac's Restaurant

The bottom line is that Isaac’s Restaurant & Deli is a great place to meet friends and get a great sandwich. Bread Bowls Crusty artisan bread grilled with cheddar cheese and filled with the famous soups is great and absolutely lovable makes it one of the top restaurants in hershey, pa.

Bread 'n Cheese of Hershey
Hershey's favorite cozy cafe is more than just a great place to spend a great morning as it offers a wide range of breads, cheeses, pastries, and condiments; a special multi-course Italian dinner every Wednesday; and the ultimate in gourmet luxury – our twice-monthly prix fixe dinners. Herbed Puglin, Olive Oil & Rosemary, Sunflower Pumpkin Seed, Roasted Garlic & Romano , Pear Fig. Breads n Cheese of Hershey has been serving the Central Pennsylvania market place since 1981.

Hershey restaurants

 Dafnos Italian restaurant

Dafnos is a family run business offering pasta dinners, brick oven pizzas, homemade soups and sauces. Eggplant Parmesan - Fresh eggplant breaded and topped with Provolone cheese, our homemade pomodoro sauce and linguini for just  10.99 while the Pasta Primavera - A classic blend of roasted peppers, fresh mushrooms, broccoli florets, plum tomatoes, and basil tossed with garlic and olive oil and topped with shredded parmesan cheese over penne pasta  is just 12.99


Offers a collection of authentic Italian cuisine accompanied by traditional favorites. You get a tasteful menu prepared with the freshest ingredients. The homemade sauces and soup have been a tradition in the Hershey area for decades. For example, GRILLED SALMON Topped with sautéed house bruschetta & pecorino Romano cheese or the mixed GRILL  withj Salmon, shrimp & a homemade crabcake  for $19.95 makes it easy when choosing Where to eat in Hershey, PA.

Hershey Chocolate Factory Tour


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      Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

      They really sound great restaurants. Thank you for your well written hub.