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Brew at home - The way to save money on beer

Updated on August 20, 2009

How to Save

There is no way around it. To seriously save money on beer you need to make it yourself, and its not as hard as you think. The Global Financial Crisis has prompted more people than ever to give it a go.

I had put it off for years due to the fear of a little work, but now I have jumped on the home brewing train. As I am not famous for my focus and drive, I kept it simple and headed straight to the market leader, MR.BEER.

They are used to dealing with beginners like me, and have starter kits that are as idiot-proof as possible. Once you are set up with all the gear it gets even cheaper. Their excellent customer service line is there to call if things get out of control.
I have no experience with any of their competitors (as I haven't had the need) but this mob seem pretty good to me.

Also remember to check out one of the many online home brew communities. There are plenty of experienced brewers out there willing to lend a hand. Try Home Brew Talk as a starting point

Want to splash out (or need a gift)?

I've always enjoyed the odd beer but after a trip to Belgium I realized there was a whole world of beer out there most never experience.For true beer lovers, a bit of variety can make things very exciting.

With the money I now save by home brewing, I splash out a bit on some different beers.

For those who view beer as a serious pastime and love variety, then its the Beer of the Month Club thats got to be worth a look.

Its a delivered 12 pack containing 4 different microbrewery beers from around the country. A constant stream of new, hard to find brews.

There is also a copy of their newsletter "Beer Expeditions" if you like to read when enjoying a beer.

I like these guys because there is no contract tying you into future purchases. You can order the beers for one month or sign up for a year (there is a $25 discount for 12 month orders).

I use this site for gifts as you can change the period to match your budget each time.

Of course, I am always looking to try new beers, so if you have any recommendations on online suppliers, please add them to the comments section below.


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    • bogerk profile image

      bogerk 7 years ago from Midwest

      I will have to look into this further some day. Being from Milwaukee, I am a big fan of beer, so anyway it could be cheaper sounds great to me.