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Which Is The Healthiest Breakfast,Eggs Or Cereal?

Updated on March 20, 2013

Breakfast Time



Breakfast is often viewed as the most important meal of the day, and if you want to start the day well why not have a healthy and nutritional breakfast to kick start your day.

Eggs have had some bad press in the past for various reasons,but now it is highly regarded for its nourishment and health benefits.

There are so many types of cereal to choose from for your daily breakfast and they are seen as an easy way to add some valuable sustenance to your diet.



The great variety of brightly packaged cereals on our supermarket shelves bombard us with their nutritional values and benefits to our health, but research is continually telling us that these products are high in sugar content.

This type of refined sugar is realised as a serious concern by both doctors and dentists, as well as rotting your teeth it can lead to diabetes and heart disease.



The old saying "Go to work on an egg" was an old marketing ploy from the 1970's, and it still stands true today. The good old egg is packed full of protein, and as many people are aware today there is not the danger from high levels of bad cholesterol as we were led to believe back in the 1980's.

Which Will Keep You Fuller For Longer

The high content of sugar in many cereals will give you an energy rush and you may feel full, but this will not last. Thanks to the high protein the eggs contain, they will make you feel more full in the long run.

Natural porridge oats are thought to keep you fuller longer and give you plenty of energy for your day ahead.

sunny side up
sunny side up | Source

How Do You Like Your Eggs?

You would probably get the most benefit from having poached eggs on wholegrain toast. You will gain more nutrition from the wholegrain bread as appose to normal brown and white bread as the use of the whole grain includes the bran, germ and endosperm.Thus giving you the full advantages of vitamins B & E as well as iron and fibre.Together these will help your energy levels.

Scrambled eggs would work just as well , and you could also try boiled eggs and even fried eggs with lean bacon would not do any harm occasionally.

oatmeal | Source

Healthy Cereals

Opting for the low sugar cereals such as cornflakes and special K and adding some fresh fruit or natural Greek yogurt would be a healthy start to the day.

Wheat bran or any other cereals with a high bran content will also give you more protein as well as fibre.

Home made muesli with nuts and fruit would make an ideal healthy breakfast, as you cut out the added sugar content of the packaged varieties.

Whatever breakfast you choose an accompaniment of fresh fruit juice will supply you with more vitamins.

So what do you think is the healthiest breakfast, do you prefer eggs or cereal? Or should we be eating something else to give us a healthy start to the day.

Best Breakfast

Which is the healthiest breakfast?

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What to Eat, by Joanna Blythman


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