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White Mountain and Country Ice Cream Freezers & Repair Parts

Updated on October 31, 2012
Country Ice Cream Freezer Hand Crank
Country Ice Cream Freezer Hand Crank
Country Ice Cream Freezer Electric
Country Ice Cream Freezer Electric
White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer Hand Crank
White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer Hand Crank
White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer Electric
White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer Electric
Ice Cream Freezer Replacement Parts.
Ice Cream Freezer Replacement Parts.
Wagon mounted JD Hit & Miss driven 20-qt Ice Cream Freezer
Wagon mounted JD Hit & Miss driven 20-qt Ice Cream Freezer

These heavy duty ice cream freezers have been dishing out home homemade ice cream for decades.

For those who make serious home style ice cream they will likely being making it in either a White Mountain Freezer of a Country Ice Cream Freezer.

These heavy duty ice cream freezers have been dishing out home homemade ice cream for decades.

Both are basically designed the same still using a wooden tub, a stainless steel can, a mixer blade with wooden paddles (called a dasher), a lid, and a mechanism to turn the can and dasher in opposite directions.

The hand crank models were the original way to make ice cream often engaging the youngsters during family outings to crank the mix.

These two ice cream makers are also popular in the Amish communities; the Country Freezer is Amish made and is beginning to be the favorite choice of the Amish as the quality of the White Mountain that use to dominate this market for so long is declining.

Ice is packed in the wooden drum and then topped with rock salt to speed up the freezing process. Rock salt attacks the metal parts used in and around the wooden tubs.

Although these freezers last for years, over time the salt water created will corrode the parts to the point replacements are needed.

The Country Freezers use Stainless Steel parts to avoid this problem.

The initial cost of these freezers can be expensive, so replacement parts are well worth considering. The wooden tub is one of the most expensive parts, and if stored in a higher humidity area should last for years.

While a basement is the most ideal climate to store the tub, a closet or other conditioned space will work. They should never be stored in an attic, or a hot garage, as this will dry out the wooden staves to where they are no longer are watertight.

These are not the inexpensive ice cream freezers being sold in discount stores. Most of those are made with plastic and light duty gears and cheap electric motors. Many families will purchase these, and only make a batch of ice cream once per year.

The few who do make several batches of ice cream per year soon discover these freezers are not made well, decide they are not worth repairing and end up purchasing a White Mountain freezer.

White Mountain freezers are more readily available, as many are not even aware of the Country Freezer since they’re mostly sold in around the Amish communities.

Like most old world American companies the White Mountain Company has sold several times and struggles with building a quality product to stay competitive with the cheaper import makers.

The Amish made Country Freezers have been able to stick with their quality processes and parts, as they are mostly sold in the Amish communities. They are available online to the general public.

The Amish still purchase White Mountain freezers but prefer to have them equipped with American made gears made in an Amish shop.

The newer White Mountain Freezers also has a tub hook instead to the heavy bolted on tub ear and latch that were used on the original freezers, thus the Amish like to replace those as well.

Cottage Craft Works .com is an online source for both the White Mountain freezers using the American made gears and the Country Ice Cream freezers.

You can also purchase all the replacement parts for both Ice cream freezers, including the electric motors.

For those who are fascinated with the old wagon mounted ice cream freezers driven by a Hit & Miss John Deer engine, these too can be found with rebuilt engines and a 20 gal Country Freezer at Cottage Craft Works .com


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      4 years ago

      was supposed to be a joke, if you were to get tcenhical it could depend on capacity of the freezer's etc, we used to have a freezer that used to hold two pigs and a sheep, a few pizza'a too. there was even room for a small child!


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