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White Waiter's Gloves

Updated on April 12, 2013

For any restaurant or high end food service business requiring the use of white waiter's gloves, there are many product solutions available in today's market. No matter the volume or product orientation of a specific restaurant business, having high quality white serving gloves helps to create an atmosphere of class, refinement, and professionalism that can truly make for a memorable and satisfying dining experience for guests. It is true that all white colored server's gloves are not created equal in terms of their quality, so for the benefit of restaurant owners and waiters everywhere, some of the defining qualities and characteristics of white waiter's gloves will now be briefly discussed.

Overview and Basic Uses of White Serving Gloves

With regard to white gloves for waiters, there are many different uses and settings where this type of glove is appropriate and necessary for a restaurant business to implement in their food serving operation. Whether a restaurant business is serving large groups, or more intimate smaller tables, it helps for servers to have the professional touch that white waiter's gloves can supply to a business. When waiters in high end restaurants serve a table with only their bare hands, it does not create the same impression of elegance and class that white waiter's gloves will. Even though these kinds of gloves will not be practical for all high end restaurants due to certain operational restrictions that may be involved, they are practical solutions for the majority of high grade restaurant businesses.

Material Composition of White Serving Gloves

In reference to the material composition of white waiter's gloves, there is a marginal degree of variability. Some white serving gloves are made with 100% cotton, but this is not always the case. Sometimes these gloves may be made with cotton and polyester, or some other kind of cotton blend. Other materials may be involved in certain white waiter's gloves product options, and due to the specific requirements of an individual restaurant business, some materials may work better than others. It is up to the individual restaurant owners to determine which materials are going to be best for their own respective restaurant operations.

General Durability of White Serving Gloves

The respective durability of white waiter's gloves depends heavily on their material composition. For certain aesthetic reasons, a restaurant business may determine that despite a given type of material being somewhat less durable, it is still the preferred choice based on some of the appearance qualities associated with the material. If a restaurant requires that their white serving gloves be especially durable for serving extremely hot items, then they may need to look into those product options that incorporate more heavy duty materials in their composition.

General Price Ranging of White Waiter's Gloves

White serving gloves can often be acquired in packs containing multiple pairs, which can be a smart business move for those high grade restaurants that have a somewhat higher volume of business in their everyday operations. The pricing of white colored waiter's gloves depends mostly on the material composition of the white serving gloves in question, and also on the stylistic qualities and manufacturing processes associated with a given pair of these gloves.


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