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Who invented the Margarita?

Updated on December 20, 2010

The Margarita

El Paso is known for a famous invention, the Margarita , sometimes written as Margharita.
Every local bartender will tell you that the Margarita was invented in El Paso or Juarez.

It consists of three basic ingredients :

- Tequila (3)
- Triple sec (4)
- Lime juice (2).

Tequila is the distilled liquor from the blue Agave 's sap, but nowadays there exist already more than eighty varieties.

There are of course hundreds of stories about the origin of the Margarita, but the most likely (and the nicest one...) comes from People's Magazine and Texas Monthly .

The accidental "Discovery"

In 1942 there was a night bar in Juarez, Tommy's Place .

A female customer ordered a Magnolia , but bartender "Pancho" Francisco Morales didn't quite remember the correct ingredients, except for lime juice and Cointreau.

He gambled on Tequila , hoping that the customer wouldn't taste the difference anyway.

Of course, she did. But she said that although it wasn't a Magnolia, it tasted very good.

But Pancho was quick on the draw, he apologized and said that he had misunderstood.He thought she had ordered a Margarita...

Later the bartender moved to El Paso, and in the 1960s his Margarita creation became world famous!

So, if you believe this story, the Margarita was invented by accident, and so was its name!

Video : Make your own Margarita


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