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A Natural and Organic Supermarket-Whole Foods Market

Updated on November 7, 2010

Let's face it, going to the grocery store for most of us is a chore, a necessity. We have to have in our homes the supplies to make meals and clean; but not many of us look forward to a trip to the grocery store. But I have discovered a grocery shopping experience called Whole Foods Market.

A Whole Foods Market store is unlike any other grocery store that you may venture shop at. They specialize in selling natural and organic foods of the best quality. With our society becoming overweight, with unhealthy eating habits, choosing foods that are whole, fresh, natural, organic, and trans-fat free to replace or supplement your current diet makes sense. In addition, although foods have a great shelf life with additives, we all know they aren't a healthy choice. The news frequently reports to us of the dangers of the constant ingestion of dyes, stabilizers, and other additives.

This past summer, yes it is sad to say past now, I had the opportunity to shop at a Whole Foods Market in California. Walking through the doors my eyes were dazzled with the array and presentation of every kind of food I could imagine. Whole Foods Market is a complete grocery shopping experience, not just a chore we all do at least weekly. The floors were shiny and clean, the displays beautifully and artistically arranged. Every department in the store, from beginning to end, was stocked full of tempting items. The first display we saw was the huge array of baked goods, every kind you can image, and all free of preservatives, artificial ingredients and trans-fats, the aroma was over-whelming. Then through the rest of the departments we experienced the same experience, knowing that the produce and dairy were both stocked full of fresh and healthy products.

In addition, we had the option of purchasing pre-prepared foods including the deli, seafood/sushi bar, pizza joint, bbq shack, taco & salad bar, and sandwich bar. Again, the aromas were tempting and since Whole Food Market has a seating area for in-store dining, we purchased our lunch at that time. The dining area was clean and arranged with what we needed, including a seat for the younger member of our group. I had a baguette loaded with mozarella cheese, basil, and tomatoes. It was so delicious!

Whole Food Market has achieved the goal for being able to buy and experience healthy foods rather than having to buy unhealthy products because of cost restrictions.

Lastly, their website is a delight in itself, offering locations of the stores, total descriptions of the various departments, healthy eating tips, recipes, and classes to learn the art of cooking food you can be proud of.

Take a trip to the Whole Foods Market as soon as you can. You can find one near you. You'll be amazing at the variety of natural, healthy foods you can get at a reasonable price.

Images of the Whole Foods Market

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