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Why Buy An Iced Tea Maker

Updated on December 19, 2013

Iced Tea Say What?

Quite often a refreshing drink of iced tea is going to make people feel better about themselves. The problem you may have is keeping up with the demand you have when you drink a lot of iced tea. This is when you need to know about the iced tea makers and why you should be buying these, rather than relying on your own tea making skills for a pitcher.

The Thought On Iced Tea Makers

After quite a bit of work, I find myself thinking more and more about the iced tea makers which are available to me. These makers, according to my husband, are the best invention ever brought about. The best part is the iced tea makers tend to be very easy to use and if you are like my husband this means even you can do it without little kitchen skill. For example, my husband is now able to go out and make his own tea, rather than complaining to me until I tire of hearing his complaints and makes the tea on his own.

Ice Tea Makers In Use

Iced Tea Makers Easy To Use

A great feature I really like with the iced tea makers is you just have to take and fill the maker with your tea bags, and water. Then you just have to simply push a button. When you push the button, the tea maker will do the rest of the work for you. Typically it takes about 5-10 minutes to get the work done, but I can tell you this allows you to get your sugar base ready for the sweet tea. Yes, my husband will not drink the basic ice tea, instead it has to be the sweet tea, which brings up another point for me to make.

Syrupy Side Note

Syrup for your sweet tea. You may think you can easily make your own sweet tea by stirring in sugar, but this just leads to you getting gritty crystals of sugar. To overcome this problem, you need to take a measuring cup and measure out about 2 cups of sugar, and then mix in 2 cups of water. You will want to mix this mixture up really well and then you will microwave the sugary mixture for a couple of minutes. After you have done this, you will find the sugar is ready to be poured into your freshly brewed tea from the ice tea maker.


Operating Cost Of Iced Tea Makers

Cost of using the iced tea maker is not that high, considering the time factor. While I tend to use the sun a lot to make my iced tea, I also know it can be nearly impossible to keep up with my husband. When he is drinking a lot of tea, I turn to my iced tea maker. Then I am able to get the tea brewed quickly for him to drink, but also have a pitcher sitting out on the deck in the sun getting brewed. The only real expense of the tea on the porch is the cost of the tea bags, water, and sugar. The same goes for the ice tea makers, except the electric to get them to work and the cost of buying the unit.

Yield Problems With Iced Tea Makers?

Yield of the tea from the makers and the sun brewed tea is about the same. I know a lot of people will argue they are not getting the same yield, but in my experience when I add in the sugar mixture and have the tea completely brewed I end up getting the same amount of tea and never had an issue of not getting the tea ready to be drank. So the problem of the ice tea makers not giving the same amount of tea is an argument which I would have to disagree with.


Iced Tea Makers Mean An Intact Kitchen

Making ice tea is something my husband bugs me to do all the time. Sometimes, I am in a good mood and in the kitchen and do not mind making the tea. However, other times I am completely busy and cannot make the tea. This is when I dread saying it, but I ask him to make his own iced tea. This often leads to a major disaster in the kitchen later on and me trying to find items he moves for weeks. Since I bought him one of the iced tea makers, though, I do not have this disaster to be worried about anymore and can finally know he can make his own tea when I am busy and my kitchen will be fully intact when he is finished making his tea.

Homemade Specialty Teas With Iced Tea Makers


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      Isabellas 4 years ago from Ohio

      Thank you for the kind words dilipchandra12

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      Dilip Chandra 4 years ago from India

      Useful info :)