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Why Do We Cry While Cutting Onions?

Updated on July 30, 2015

The Tragic Story of Friendship and The Story of Bliss

Once upon a time there lived three friends. They were named Cucumber, Lemon and Onion. It was the time when humans have evolved to be modern. It was the time when humans were no more just hunters. During this period, life was not so smooth for vegetables as they were caught and cut to ornament the palates of humans and used to satisfy their appetites.

Cucumber, Lemon and Onion were friends for life and they never stayed away from each other. They played with each other, they understood each other and they complemented each other. Together, they seemed to be complete i.e. they comprised a whole.

Friends for Life


Human's innovation and curiosity were increasing in geometric progression. They were learning everything anew; they were learning more. One afternoon, Cucumber, Lemon and Onion were spending there usual leisure time in the fields when a human noticed them as he was encroaching the field for farming. Finding something new was always rewarding for a human. They called it discovery. He caught them immediately. He took the three friends to his community and everyone applauded. Then he took them to his kitchen and kept them imprisoned there. Cucumber, Lemon and Onion did not know what was happening. They were clueless and they were helpless. They were not criminals, neither did they harm the humans they why were they captivated! The friends forever held their hands and vowed to face anything with courage and accept their fate believing it is the will of God.

Carcass of Lemon

The man who caught them returned to the kitchen. He opened the prison and took out Lemon. Cucumber and Onion thought God might have written freedom in Lemon's fate. But they were unaware of the horrifying future. The man killed Lemon in front of his friends. Cucumber and Onion shouted as much as they could but no one heard them. The human stabbed Lemon and cut him into halves. He wasn't satisfied with that and he squeezed Lemon's body to take out all the blood in a glass. Then he mixed some water in it and drank the blood. The two friends could not tolerate Lemon's brutal death; they cried their hearts out and fainted at last.

Stabbed Cucumber

There was a sudden sound of opening the prison lid. Onion opened his eyes to find the same man who killed Lemon has caught Cucumber now. He tried to protest but the man could not understand. The man peeled Cucumber's skin first. Cucumber was crying in pain. No tears coming out of Cucumber's body seemed to bother the human and he stabbed Cucumber once, he stabbed him twice and he kept on stabbing him until Cucumber's body was cut into slices. Onion wept for his friends' death. He knew that his death was inevitable but there was no one to mourn for him. He was shattered and grief engulfed him. No one would even know about his death. What a lonely soul he had become! He recalled the moments he spent with his friend and now he was just a vegetable living all alone. He prayed to God that if he had to die, there should be someone, at least, to cry for his death. God granted his prayer and blessed him with an eternal bliss. God uttered that the person who kills him will cry for his death and that's how his death will be a penance to his killer.

Chopped Onion

The Bliss Became Eternal

Every time we cut an onion we shed some tears. We do not realize the aftermath of the brutal killings we do, but Onion's prayers make us pay for that.

The human returned to kill Onion now. He could not stop his tears while he chopped Onion's flesh. He could not understand why was he crying but Onion's soul smiled and then departed to rest in peace.

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