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Why Drinking Tea is Good For Your Health

Updated on February 13, 2013

Good or bad for you Studies have shown tea is super beneficial!

There are a lot of mixed opinions and rumours that tea can be bad for your health. What we have to consider is that studies done in different parts of the world do not always reflect on other countries. For example a study on American people may not reflect that of English or Indian people, studies done in China are not going to be the same as Africa. However from scientific facts, studies and observations we can conclude that tea is in fact super beneficial for your health.

Have you ever wondered why the Chinese have such a long life expectancy? Ever heard of a thing called Chinese herbs? Chinese teas? Studies around the world have shown that despite the caffeine tea contains, it has super beneficial factors for your health and good health promotes a longer life span. Let's take a look at the reasons why it is good for you:

  1. Tea contains anti-oxidants which 'clear out your system', that's right, tea can make you poop which of course is not a bad thing, no constipation= no pain and a lower risk of bowel problems including cancer. Real tea (green, white, oolong and black) has a lot of other benefits.
  2. Those same anti-oxidants can protect against certain forms of cancer; stomach, skin, colon, rectal, breast, oral, ovarian, prostate, lower intestine, throat, lung and the pancreas. This however does not mean it can 100% protect you completely but it can certainly reduce your risk of those things, wow!
  3. Tea is very hydrating for the body, despite sometimes when you drink it you feel that dry sensation in your mouth and throat, it can in fact hydrate the body better than water (next time you pick up a cup, sit back and think about it you will notice your body feels brighter)
  4. It can promote exercise endurance and the ability to perform better physically, not just because of the hydration and caffeine but because of the health benefits it has on your body.
  5. Tea is very relaxing, not only is it nice on a cold day to warm you up, people often use tea when ill or stressed, substitute that coffee and feel how much more relaxed you are.
  6. (A personal one this time) but I am one of those ladies that has difficulty eating anything at all before midday or late afternoon, but I can however have a mug of hot tea and feel bright, fresh and filled until I'm capable of having proper food.
  7. Regular tea consumers often have a smaller waist line. Now this isn't the case for everybody but a standard adult person who drinks several cups a day has a lower BMI (body mass index) than those who do not consume the hot beverage.
  8. The compounds found in green tea can help those with type 2 diabetes to process sugar.
  9. Tea is a natural substance that does not contain man made chemicals such as artificial flavourings, added, salt and sugar, high levels of caffeine and other such things often found in soft drinks. Tea can be drank purely with the leaves or with a bag and no addings apart from the hot water (black the way I drink it)
  10. Tea has been associated with a lower risk of Parkinsons disease in both men and women.
  11. Tea is one of the few drinks you can consume as often as you like without feeling guilty about your stomach or waist line (unless it is causing severe diarrhoea or other problems) it can be consumed hot or cold.
  12. Tea can help the body burn fat as fuel which proves for better muscle performance (links in with the exercise)

So now I've been over some of the reasons why tea is super good for your health, let's talk about the types of tea. Now as I mentioned above the 'real' tea's are black, white, oolong and green, herbal teas, flavoured tea and iced tea are not considered as real teas as they are a mixture of plant and in the case with iced flavourings, sweeteners and chemical preservatives. Check before you buy that your tea is unless you choose to drink the others.

Iced tea should be consumed in moderation, I know myself that iced tea has a tendency to cause stomach upsets, if you have IBS, are a woman on her period or otherwise have an iffy tummy be careful how much you consume. If trying for the first time do not continually drink it, it might taste lovely but it won't be the same coming back out.

It is normal for tea to make you poop frequently as it cleans out the stomach and the system, the caffeine in it may also increase your need to urinate.

Tea is safe to consume however if drank hot continually it may increase your risk is esophageal cancer (commonly found in Asian countries where hot tea is a frequent part of the day), if you feel it is causing you problems limit the amount you consume, tea may not benefit some people as well as others and in the lab settings it can react differently to the human body. Bare in mind the quality and brewing of the tea before you buy, you can do some research into the brand online.

Tea is much better for you than coffee by far.


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