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Why Honey Not Sugar?

Updated on August 23, 2014

I assume many people are already aware of the fact that honey is a healthier choice than sugar, but here in this hub I want to help people understand why exactly is that. I will talk from three main perspectives:

  1. Overall Health
  2. Digestion
  3. Weight Loss

Of course if you are looking for other perspectives like the price for example, then you may choose sugar. But here, I am addressing the above three points only.

I should also note that a there is a huge difference between white sugar and unprocessed brown sugar. In this hub I refer to the white sugar. Brown sugar needs a separate hub.

Beside the easily digestible glucose and fructose, which give a sweet taste and energy, honey also contains calcium, as well as many other useful ingredients. It has been proven that honey has many beneficial effects on the digestive system, respiratory organs, as well as the heart and blood vessels.

Digestion and absorption of fructose and glucose

Unlike white sugar, honey does not interfere with digestion, and does not cause reduction in the amount of calcium needed for the breakdown of white sugar. To make it usable for the body, the sugar must first be degraded into simple sugars, namely glucose and fructose. Honey on the other hand, contains inverted sucrose - glucose and fructose - which can be immediately and easily absorbed in the body. This is a very important factor in the nutrition of children, because their metabolism works slowly and takes longer time to break down white sugar. The digestion and the absorption of sugar from honey is much easier and faster.


Honey and sugar are both high calorie foods, but because honey is sweeter than sugar, that means less honey would be needed to sweeten food or drink than sugar, and thus less calorie intake. So for people who are interested in losing weight, honey is a better choice than sugar. Besides, honey speeds up metabolism which contributes to faster caloric burning in the body. But that still doesn't mean you should consume honey in more than average amounts.

Overall Health Benefits

Honey is richer in vitamins and minerals than white sugar. It is more beneficial for heart, blood vessels, nervous system, immune system, and mental health. Healing properties of honey are countless. So people who are looking for healthier life should definatelly go for honey and avoid sugar as much as they can.

Which sweetener do you prefer?

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    • carol7777 profile image

      carol stanley 5 years ago from Arizona

      Thanks for sharing all this. Very good hub.

    • raincity profile image

      raincity 6 years ago

      Great hub! thanks for the info