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Why McDonald’s fries are Tasty? Hidden Shocking Facts about McDonald’s

Updated on December 17, 2013
Mc Donald's Fries
Mc Donald's Fries

Why McDonald’s fries are Tasty?

An important factor in the success of this fast-food chain is its tasty fries. These are the customers’ favourite item and are more poplar than their burgers. The cooking oil they use adds to the taste of the fries. They cook fries in a mixture of about 7% cottonseed oil and 93% beef tallow. This gives them their unique flavor.


This fast food burger company faced controversies when criticized by the Indian Hindus and the vegetarians alike, regarding the use of beef in their fries and by the health conscious people; the McDonald authorities apologized and admitted using beef fat and proclaimed their switch to vegetable oil which is less cholesterol producing.

Some shocking facts about McDonald’s:

  • McDonald’s French Fries (medium 114g)
  • Total Calories: 380
  • Total Fat: 20 g (% Daily Value = 31)
  • Saturated Fat: 4 g (% Daily Value = 20)
  • Trans Fat: 5 g
  • One McDonald’s large fries contains 8gms of Trans Fat

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How healthy are the French Fries?

French Fries may be tasty but not healthy. They contain sodium and saturated fats.

Acryl amide is a chemical substance produced when starch rich food stuffs are baked, fried, grilled or micro-waved at very high temperatures. It is carcinogenic; that is, can cause tumor and cancer. French Fries are fried at 190°C.

We have found a trans-fat free oil to fry our fries and plan to use it for our entire menu items by 2008; we are already using it in a large number of our restaurants, claimed McDonald’s. But the critics say that the authorities had instructed their staff not to tell its customers the restaurants they have started using the new oil.

Eating fries fried in saturated oil regularly can increase your bad cholesterol count, thereby risking coronary heart disease (CHD), your chances of developing tumors and cancer. It can make you real fat!

It is impossible for a customer to identify fries made in saturated oil and trans-fat free oil, at sight or by tasting or smelling them. The WHO should ban the use of saturated oils, thereby producing healthy and tasty fries for the fry-lovers round the globe.

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McDonald's Bakery

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    • profile image

      Ika 2 years ago

      I would call them and get quotes on price of food and deroactions. Let them how many kids and adults will be at the party. Decide on what cake and ice cream you want for party. Mcdonalds gives great parties. Hope yall have a great party.References : Was this answer helpful?

    • profile image

      Amit 2 years ago

      I want to bless you with a gift, Jonathan and youth ministers out there it's caleld the Croissanwich, and it's from Burger King. I have never had such a bittersweet division between the awful groan in my gut and the overwhelming glee of my tastebuds. The croissanwich. You're welcome.

    • profile image

      Dontarrious 2 years ago

      Smart thiinnkg - a clever way of looking at it.

    • Kevin Peter profile image

      Kevin Peter 4 years ago from Global Citizen

      Hi celafoe,

      Thanks a lot for your information.

    • celafoe profile image

      charlie 4 years ago from Planet earth. between the oceans

      their current fries are not that great. the best fries are cooked in Lard.

    • profile image

      nicole 4 years ago

      they use beef fat eww

    • profile image

      jam it 4 years ago

      McDonald.s is one step away from eating out of garbage cans, you are what you eat. McDonald.s will never tall the truth, their money making is their only goal.

      They only change things when they are made too, a person has to have no respect for them self,s if they eat the McDonald,s ( CRAP ).

      There should be a law against feeding anyone under sixteen McCrap food.

    • profile image

      David 4 years ago

      Everyone on here that says they like McDonald's and does not understand what the bid deal is. You need to watch the documentary called "Forks Over Knives". You just might change your mind. Yes it is your choice to eat fatty processed foods. But when you get cancer or other diseases ( and you will from eating fast food and processed foods ) don't look to the government for a hand out to help cure your fat ass. I am so tired of people eating like pigs and complaining that the food industry made them fat. Eat clean and do some research.

    • profile image

      J. H 85' 4 years ago

      Just ate at McDonald's last night, and got really ill. I ordered chicken nuggets, French fries, big Mac, and mcdoubles, and had the runs instantly afterward. My wife and I noticed the fries tasted like recooked oil and so did the nuggets. My wife called the next morning, since they closed by the time we were done eating, and store manager insisted the other customers didn't complain, so it couldn't have been their food. I am in the medical field and no exactly what a foodborne illness is and the symptoms it possesses. How wrong is the store manager to act the way he did??? Responses are encouraged to this post. Thank you

    • profile image

      Manav Agarwal 5 years ago

      I like this article very much ,since it is focusing on the true condition of McDonald like restaurants.

    • profile image

      harry 5 years ago

      french fry are awesome

    • Kevin Peter profile image

      Kevin Peter 5 years ago from Global Citizen

      We are providing a platform to share your views about McDonald’s fries...It can be supportive or against them .

    • profile image

      amanda 5 years ago

      i love your food but sometimes u guys give me raw chiken and i mean what's the point of buying te food if its yk!!!!! get a hold of ur selfs, and i am 8 and i am a better food taster tan u!!!!

    • profile image

      adram 5 years ago

      i am currently a gm for mcdonalds and most of this article is bs. if you are going to write an article at least get your facts straight.

    • profile image

      hannah 5 years ago

      Jessie this happened to me last night from a chip shop i got a chip that tasted of poo...omg i felt so ill, and i still do...what is that????? please can someone explain???

    • profile image

      Hi 5 years ago

      Interesting article. Never new that

    • profile image

      Becca 5 years ago

      Umm im currently an employee at mcdonalds and i hate it..

      However this company, sad to say, focuses on the speed of the food prepared rather than the quality, which is really sad, they are always focusing on how fast we need to be and ought to be like we are robots.. They don't treat us like people.. Its really sad..

    • profile image

      XD fail 5 years ago

      Just a question for Jesse but how the frick do you know what shit tastes like???

    • profile image

      Viki 5 years ago

      well all i know is that i don't eat mcdonalds and i never will...

    • profile image

      Eugene from Malaysia 5 years ago

      Now i began to Doubt the Service&Quality of Macdonalds is sad&disappointing :(

    • profile image

      Eugene from Malaysia 5 years ago

      26dec2011-Bad day as One of the Macdonalds outlet in malaysia,serve me undercooked Big&tasty beef burger set wit soft fries,Not crispy at all.its very dissapointing.It's a horrible xperience,after biting it a quarter of its big&tasty in my mouth,My sense of xperience told me that it's not Fully cook.I TOTALLY LOST MY APPETITE! Dam it! After 4hours comsuming quarter of it uncooked beef meat,my tummy starts to churn,feel uneasy,had to stay in toilet for bout 5hrs,it was all watery stuff dat came out of my ***

    • profile image

      Jesse 5 years ago

      Today i was eating mcdonalds fries and i kid you not, after about a minute of stuffing my face, one of the fries tasted like SHIT. Not even metaphorically - it tasted like poo. Oh my god, it was so disgusting. Im never eating mcdonalds again if i can help it

    • profile image

      dude 42 5 years ago

      mcdonalds don't use msg it says it right on there website duh just salt, god its like a game on here loving the trolls btw, people ar like complaining coz they like it too much, everyone can say they hate it but really they love it coz there only exersice is going to mcdonalds. Btw you do realise mcdonalds is different here in the us from europe plOx n00b

    • profile image

      kj 5 years ago

      that is gross.

    • profile image

      Alex 5 years ago

      I know everyone is wondering why McDonald's is so addicting and yummy. (I know their secret and I am 11 years old.) Well, you know their slogan, "I'm lovin' it," Yeah, everyone loves Mickey D's because all their food contains excess added MSG, as does all our grocery store food. If you do not know what MSG is, I will explain.

      MSG, or Monosodium Glutamate, is a taste enhancer that in turn enhances the flavor of food and gives it that addicting taste. It's also used in chips, which in turn makes them addicting. It's like a backwards nicotene. The bad thing about MSG, is it's used in so many products worldwide, everyone in the world has at least tasted one product containing MSG.

      MSG also contains hormones and bacteria which eats away at your brain after a while.

      Have you ever experienced headaches? Nausea? Gone to the doctor with symptoms they cannot explain?

      You've got MSG sensitivity. I know this from personal experience. MSG targets your body especially, or you've had too much in your history and your body can't take it anymore. Lay's (the chip company) slogan used to be "Bet you can't have just one," because, well, it's true! Their chips contain so much MSG that you can't eat just one chip.

      I hope the world makes sense to you now. Even though MSG is in practically every food we buy, some, like homogenized milk and Activia yogurt, is safe. Growing your own food can also have many positive effects.

      So, you can't really pinpoint a healthy food nowadays. Even vegetables and fruits contain MSG.

      So next time your mom says "Eat your veggies," You might want to inform her.

    • profile image

      steve 5 years ago

      I can't believe that anyone could actually like McDonald's fries--it's the power of advertising, I guess. They're greasy, usually cold, with a horrible aftertaste that comes from who-knows-what. With so many other choices available, why would anyone eat them?

    • profile image

      Ian 5 years ago

      mcdonalds is disgusting

    • profile image

      Kirsten 5 years ago

      I am disturbed in every way! I am letting all the people I know about this and my kids will never eat this! I have a McDonald's burger that Ive had for a few years now and no change occurred. Plus when you spray it with a spray bottle, then place it in a microwave for a little while, it goes back to being just like it was the day you got it. How do you know if you are eating a 5+ year old burger from there? All the people saying that I'm wrong needs some serious help.

    • profile image

      Jamie Woller 5 years ago

      Yea its true when they say it takes years to dissolve completely into your stomach acid but that's only if it stays there. Its like if you swallow chewing gum. Its known to take up to seven years to dissolve in stomach acid but before it happens it gets pooped out =)So don't listen to people who tell you its staying in you for years and years. It does leave your body dissolved of not.

    • profile image

      nottelling 5 years ago

      I am doing a school debate on "McDonalds Is An Evil Empire." I went for affirmative! Hope i win!

      P.S. thanks for the info it really helps.

    • profile image

      David 5 years ago

      terrible research, the fries are bad because they stopped frying them in tallow. Vegetable oil will kill you

    • profile image

      alay  6 years ago

      I HATE MCDONALDS with a passion. i got my chicked uncooked once. Then my cousin got a chicken parts inher meal like the head and stuff. and most of the time its sweating with grease i don't even look at McDonalds anymore!!!

    • profile image

      kiara dyer 6 years ago

      yummmmm i love ittt it looks delicious

    • profile image

      litlebeavis 6 years ago

      there food has to many cemlcals makes you want more water for days

    • Kevin Peter profile image

      Kevin Peter 6 years ago from Global Citizen

      Dear Friends thanks for sharing your experience with McDonalds

    • profile image

      Tiffany 6 years ago


    • profile image

      abbi 6 years ago

      me two i had a small portion of it yesterday i ask my mom if she could bring me some when i read this i could not belive it

    • profile image

      abbi 6 years ago

      wow i did not know that they had beef in it but good there swiching to vegteble oil much more heathy

    • profile image

      kittybling 6 years ago

      oops, had a small portion of it's weird i crave for this in the winter...but i hardly eat it. I guess the key is to not go overboard with can enjoy a fry or two..i do anyway.

    • profile image

      eddie 6 years ago

      hey im 9 years old and i went to my mommy with mcdonalds to go get a happy meal and when i came in my house a read this i threw the stuff away and fixed me a peenut buter sanwich

    • profile image

      Ninja 6 years ago

      I totally agree with you guys who protest against all this McDonalds crap. I hate McDonald's. I don't even like the taste of it. And those of you who think you are eating healthy by getting the grilled chicken salad, you're eating as much fat and oils as you would in a Big Mac.....EXACTLY WHY I AVOID MCDONALD'S AND FAST FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is totally gross...

    • profile image

      Rich 6 years ago

      Lets not fool ourselves. Their fries taste, or should I say... their tasteless fries, do not taste anything like they use too. The salt on them is the only thing that gives them flavor. I only ate 1/2 my last order. They use to be the best fast food fries on earth. It's ashame the special interest groups have singled out this large chain. I need to go to a local burger joint to get a real French fry I guess. Next time you eat one..really taste them carefully...bland, flavorless and flavored w/salt. But no trans fat! Sorry...I'm annoyed my last lunch was ruined with sorry fries.

    • profile image

      Joe 6 years ago

      You're falling back into the trap that was laid for us during the two world wars. Saturated fat is not evil, it's trans-fat. All the artificial, hydrogenated oils and fats that we buy every day. The healthy, fatty, oils were driven out of the marketplace by the trans-fats that are now proven to cause heart disease. In south east asian and pacific island cultures they use primarily palm and coconut oil in their recipes and are a lot healthier than we are in the US with much lower instance of heart disease and are less obese. These are two of the "bad for you" oils that were driven off store shelves and out of food processors recipes by consumer pressure. We essentially demanded that healthy oils be replaced with unhealthy ones and are paying the price. Oils and fats like lard, beef tallow, palm oil, coconut oil, and others that we were scared away from using, are a lot better than the alternatives that we were given to replace them.

    • profile image

      Hermione Hairpie 6 years ago

      I just use the tallow dripping from my beaver to fry things in. My customers say my french fries taste the best -- well, my male customers I mean, and of course the bull dyke customers too. Those carpet munchers know the taste of sweet cunny wherever they go.

    • profile image

      B.C. 6 years ago

      "'We have found a trans-fat free oil to fry our fries and plan to use it for our entire menu items by 2008; we are already using it in a large number of our restaurants', claimed McDonald’s. "

      U forgot to insert the appropriate quotation marks which I've added as apostrophes.

    • profile image

      ayde 6 years ago

      I swear ppl are so retarted!! Instead of all of u complaining stop eating it and get over it!!!! Simple as that I luvv mcd

    • profile image

      Kurt 6 years ago

      Yeah, Mc Donalds will kill us... IF YOU DONT GET YOUR FAT ARSE OFF THE COMPUTER AND DO SOME EXERCISE! Seriously, if you want to eat fatty food just run more. There is no point in blaming others, you only have yourself to blame. Btw, McDonalds = Yum Yum :D

    • profile image

      sobit 6 years ago

      Blah. If their gonna make their fries like that!

    • profile image

      krystina 6 years ago

      ewwww mcdonalds is gonna kill all of us someday...

    • profile image

      Craig 6 years ago

      Coincidently I do work for mcdonalds and am not a manager however i am the only one to use references about mcdonalds food not just personal opinions or here say, some facts are true others are old or false

    • Kevin Peter profile image

      Kevin Peter 7 years ago from Global Citizen

      hp is common forum,any one can express their views and opinion here .

    • profile image

      Mcunhealty 7 years ago

      some of those comments that are against this article they probably work as mcdonald manegers.

    • profile image

      Grandfather Time 7 years ago

      The only things I am aware that are in their fries are 100% vegetable oil, which is what they use in the vats now. It comes in giant 35 lbs jugs, and a salt like substance used to clean the fry vats, which is edible, but ingredients have been withheld as a trade secret.

    • profile image

      Obese 7 years ago

      Ask yourself how fast food dives like McDonalds can get away with advertising their food on TV looking perfect, then what you actually get looks it has gone through the washing machine.

      Car companies can't do this, why fast/crap food resturants?

    • Phil Dapple profile image

      Phil Dapple 7 years ago from Ontario,Canada

      Well, I was just on my way over to get some fast food....I don't think I will now. I do agree with you. Great Hub.

    • profile image

      Craig 7 years ago

      Furthermore as for the burger quality, if it is slopped on it is not mcdonalds gold standard, just take it to a manager and they'll make you one fresh, another idea to order a grill i.e. ask for it without ketchup or gerkin or even well done this will get you a fresh burger but then again you might have to wait,

      In the UK if you visit and order one single meal, (standard evm mac sandwich with drink accept a large when offered) without a grill at the start of the month they may mistake you for there mystery shopper, and give you better quality and service than you'd normally expect. oh and ask for a receipt

    • profile image

      Craig 7 years ago

      The contents of the this article are complete rubbish in particular the scare mongering with the comment

      "They cook fries in a mixture of about 7% cottonseed oil and 93% beef tallow. This gives them their unique flavor. "

      not referenced to anywhere complete here-say, this may have been true somewhere back in the 80's however

      McDonald’s UK Fries are made from only the best quality potatoes such as Russet Burbank, Shepody, Pentland Dell and Innovator. The fries are cooked in dedicated frying vats in a non-hydrogenated blend of sunflower and rapeseed oil. This oil has been developed without raising the saturated fat content or altering the taste. All that is added to the Fries is a PINCH OF SALT after cooking FOR TASTE. At the beginning of the potato season dextrose(thats a form of sugar to the commoner) may be added to help the French Fries brown nicely, but for the most part it’s just potatoes, oil and salt.


      from december 2009

    • profile image

      lawerence  7 years ago

      McDonalds fries takes over 5 years to decompose.. imagine u just ate a pack of fries from mcdonalds imagine what its doing in your stomach while digesting.. o-o

    • profile image

      Kev-o 7 years ago

      Been workin at mcdonalds 4 years this coming May. Watch your health guys, at least exercise regularly... its starting to get to me when I started getting lazier than usual...building that fat man, its gotta stop.

    • profile image

      Lucy Bennder 7 years ago

      mccdonalds are delious i got a boyfriend there

    • profile image

      Jak j 7 years ago

      Is it true that McDonalds beef is not 100% beef but it tricks you because that is the name if the company who produces it??? I work their.. We re-use fried oil.. But we filter it through a padding and this chloride power which burns through your hands!!! Scary!

    • profile image

      karley 7 years ago

      i love these fries!! y is something that tastes delicious is so bad for you?

    • profile image

      Kat Reed 7 years ago

      I get so angry when I pull up to McDonalds Hungry and then I get my food and grease is pouring off of it. Plus half the time my mcchicken is half way made I mean it looks like they just slapped some mayo on it and sent it out the window. I hope McDonalds can see why i get so steaming.

    • Kevin Peter profile image

      Kevin Peter 7 years ago from Global Citizen

      You are correct ,they stopped the same in 1990 ,but still some the McDonald's are using a mixture of cottonseed oil and beef tallow

    • profile image

      Elise 8 years ago

      "They cook fries in a mixture of about 7% cottonseed oil and 93% beef tallow"

      This is a thing of the past. McDonald's used to cook its fries like this but now they have received so much criticism that they switched to cooking them in pure vegetable oil in 1990. Their new challenge, however, was to make the fries subtly taste like beef without cooking them in tallow. That's where the ingredients "natural flavor" come in.

      *I am reading the book Fast Food Nation right now and I just came across this in the book.

    • profile image

      Helo 8 years ago

      This is great!

    • AllMomNeeds2know profile image

      AllMomNeeds2know 8 years ago

      I love fries! I never realized they had beef fat in them. My veggie brother would have hated that. I don't see the need, yuck! Great article :)

    • Kevin Peter profile image

      Kevin Peter 8 years ago from Global Citizen

      @ christine almaraz ..they include some addictive fpr this purpose...

    • christine almaraz profile image

      christine almaraz 8 years ago from colorado springs

      Their fries are addicting.