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Why Mountain Dew is the Best Drink Ever

Updated on July 14, 2009

In an ode to my favorite drink ever I thought I would tell you about why Mountain Dew is the best soda ever created. Please feel free to comment or tell me what you think is a better soda in the comment section and I will be sure to address your concerns. So without further ado let's get into the great soda debate of 2009.


The first major strength of Mountain Dew is its relative cost to other caffeinated beverages. Now I understand that other sodas like Vault could qualify for this same category, but lets be honest no one wants to drink a soda that is a rip off of Mountain Dew. So we will compare the cost of Mountain Dew to Energy drinks that are equally tasty. The first energy drink to compare is Red Bull. This is one of the most popular energy drinks on the market today but you will pay upwards of $2 per can. While I can appreciate Red Bulls amazing marketing and great brand image there is no need to fork over $2 for a small can of carbonated beverage.

With Mountain Dew if you time it right you can buy a 36 pack at Costco for $9.00. Every few months you will also notice that Costsco send out a coupon that also gives you $2.00 off every 36 pack you buy. That makes each can only .24 cents. With this price in mind you could buy 8 cans of Mountain Dew for every 1 can of Red Bull you buy. This first comparison should sell you on the fact you should stop buying overpriced energy drinks and stick with the green nectar that is Mountain Dew.

Smooth Taste

Let me explain a little more about the importance of a smooth tasting soda for your morning or afternoon pick me up. When you drink a Coke you may find that the Coke always make you feel overly bloated and full of carbonation. The taste can also be a little strong for an afternoon drink. However, the taste of Mountain Dew is extremely smooth and a little less carbonated tasting then your traditional Coke. Therefore Mountain Dew is the drink choice of an employee or student needing a pick me up without feeling bloated afterword. With the Dew you will be able to down the entire can in a short period of time, delivering the necessary pick me up right a way. Whereas if you try to drink a Coke to fast you will only end up with a stomach ache.

However, with this idea in mind I must be honest that there is not carbonated beverage that tastes better with steak then a nice cold Coke.

Mountain Dew has Great Commercials

In the great debate of soda's you may notice that Coke has nothing but stupid beverage commercials. However, Mountain Dew is always trying to come out with a commercial that will make their audience laugh and improve their brand image. Therefore I award Mountain Dew the award of better then Coke for this category.

With the best drink in hand be sure to work hard and follow this link for professional tool belt and work gloves.

Battle of the Drinks

What is your favorite drink?

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    • profile image

      Derek the smart person who dos not like if you don't Mountain Dew, soda or diet soda 15 months ago

      Yes Mountain Dew is the best the soda .people who don't like may not have taste buds ,not know what's good and have no taste or are lying

    • profile image

      Ian 20 months ago

      mountain dew is the most amazig drink ever but its just dissapointing that it does damage your teeth really badly i drink 1 bottle mountain dew a day and ive already got a big gate in my teeth overall i have nothing but yea mountain dew is still awesome monster is my second favorite drink

    • profile image

      XxX_regUlAr_MLG_GuY_XxX 2 years ago

      My thirst 4 dew is overwhelming m8 I like dew because it gives me the strength to no scope kids and blaze joints all day with one dew I wrecked bois with no problem they told me I was using aimbot but I told them to do the dew and to check themselves before they wrecked themselves

    • profile image

      retards 2 years ago

      I agree ^

    • profile image

      Fuk Yew 2 years ago

      You're all idiots.

    • profile image

      Gorfa 3 years ago

      Mtn Dew ftw!!!!!

      Code Red, Voltage, and Baja Blast are my faves.

      Sorry, UK guy. Hopefully you'll get some of the action

      in the States.

    • profile image

      Bob 4 years ago

      Mt.dewis like crack it is so addicting

    • profile image

      Ganodermic 5 years ago

      lol COKE

    • profile image

      Fuckyou 5 years ago

      Sorry but you can't compare Mt. Dew to Red Bull. One is a soda and the other an energy of course Red Bull would be more expensive...

    • profile image

      Derrick C 5 years ago

      @smokingweed420...Limewire is the orange flavored one, and Voltage is the blue flavored one, Supernova is the purple/grape flavored one, and then the oringial is green (of course.)

    • profile image

      Dakari 5 years ago

      Soda is bad for you.

    • profile image

      Rockstar 5 years ago

      Vote Mtn Dew it good 4 you!!!

    • profile image

      Big C 5 years ago

      yes yes Mountain Dew is #1

    • profile image

      Rowdy 5 years ago

      Mtn Dew is hands down the best! My favorite flavor is voltage! Next is live wire.

    • profile image

      5 years ago

      i agree mountain dew is the only thing i drink

    • profile image

      Smokingweed420 6 years ago

      MT Dew is the best. My fav flavor is Baja Blast available only at Taco Bell fast food stores. But I still love so many others like Code Red is always a favorite and that blue one. And I always forget because it's hard to find here but the orange flavored one, it's so rare I forget the name of it.

      Oh and it sucks for you UK guy only getting 1 flav of mt dew. Why is that? Wouldn't mt dew expand, I mean the UK is a big market.

    • profile image

      Seanz 6 years ago

      Mtn dew is my favorite soda but monster is my favorite drink. But the price and the fact monster is worse for u then pop I normally get mtn dew.

    • profile image

      Badass 6 years ago

      Nice job dude!

    • profile image

      Nathan 6 years ago

      LOVE MOUNTAIN DEW! shame coz we only get one kind,here in the UK But great stuff.

    • profile image

      ryan 7 years ago

      agreed mountain dew is amazing..

    • profile image

      mdzoot-mq 8 years ago

      mountain dews the best