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Why You Should Try to Become a Vegetarian

Updated on July 28, 2015
Felisa Daskeo profile image

Felisa is a teacher and a fiction and non-fiction writer. She dreams of publishing a fiction novel in the future.

The Start of my Vegetarian Journey

I am a vegetarian for several years now, and I enjoy the healthy benefits of being one.

Becoming a vegetarian has not been an easy decision for me; first, I was a person who ate anything that I wanted without restrictions.

Second, all the people around me love to eat meat and fish.

It was like punishing myself, and the process especially at the start, was a real torture.

When I decided to become a vegetarian right then and there, it was because I had a very good reason for doing so.

It all started when my older sister was given only a month to live by one of her doctors if she didn’t go for a major operation ASAP.

My sister was still recovering in this picture. Taken in 1999.
My sister was still recovering in this picture. Taken in 1999.

Saved by a Pure Vegetarian Diet

Miracles do happen and it was a miracle when my sister survived a crisis that we thought would be her last days on earth.

Yes, in 1998, my elder sister was given only a month to live by one of her doctors. But sixteen years later, she is very much alive and she’s happily teaching young kids.

Sixteen years ago, my elder sister became seriously ill, which made us all very worried. It was one of the most trying times that touched our lives.

A Lump in the Neck

My sister’s illness started from a simple lump in her neck, which multiplied in just a short span of time. The lumps grew bigger and the biggest lump, which was the size of an apple, grew in her armpit, leaving her unable to hang her arm loosely at her sides.

Because of the lumps she could not turn her neck and she felt uncomfortable with frequent dizziness and a feeling of nausea.

We didn’t know the cause, except that some said it was sometimes caused by too much anxiety and stress. Others said it was caused by cancerous cells. To be sure, my sister consulted the doctor.

Doctor Urged Immediate Surgery

My sister had her first screening with a doctor who suggested getting the opinion of another doctor. This resulted in three different doctors who checked her. They suspected that the lumps were cancerous so they advised my sister to have a biopsy.

The result was a doctor telling my sister that she has to undergo major surgery ASAP because her life was in danger. That news came like a bomb about to explode.

She was given only a month to live by the doctor who said my sister’s case was very serious and she needed a major operation immediately.

Everything seemed to sway in front of me when I learned about it. We decided to have her operated on and we called our sister in Canada, to produce the money needed for the operation. I stopped teaching to take care of her and instead manned my little store so that I could be at her side any time.

As the operation was being scheduled, one of my younger brothers heard about it and disagreed to have our sister operated on. We did not argue because my brother was certain that our sister would get well with another option.

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Calling in a Faith Healer

He has so much faith in natural healing so he suggested that my sister will try a natural healing with a faith healer who was already tested with long years of experiences in making people get well with the touch of his hands.

This brother of mine earlier tried how effective this faith healer was, and has proven him to be really good. Because my brother did not want to be operated because of a kidney stone, he preferred instead to go to this faith healer.

After eight complete sessions with the faith healer, my brother went back to his doctor who was amazed because the stone was nowhere to be found. My brother got well since then but had to choose his diet well.

We all agreed to the plan and both my sister and my brother went to the faith healer with all hope and prayers that my sister’s life would be spared. I was still doubtful if we’d made the right decision because the doctor’s suggestion for my sister to be operated on was lingering in my mind. I was worried sick and didn’t know what to do.

The only thing that helped me to feel better and kept me sane is when my sister and brother finally came home from the faith healer and I learned that the faith healer allowed medications from doctors to continue while undergoing the sessions with him. And the best advice I totally agreed with was the diet.

Strict Diet Prescribed

The faith healer advises his patients to go on a diet while undergoing the healing sessions with him. He strictly requires patients to exclude meat from their diets. The only foods permitted are fish, vegetables and fruits. I love this advice the faith healer gives his patient.

My sister chose to exclude fish and sea shells from her food. So, my sister and I went on a strict vegetarian diet program while she was undergoing the healing sessions. After only a week of dieting, my sister informed us that the dizzy spells were totally gone and she felt better and more comfortable.

I observed that she already had a smile as we talked about so many things that we used to do together. After the eight sessions of healing with a strict vegetarian diet, my sister announced that she felt really, really great. She cried as she thanked God for her second chance of life.

Happy days now. Taken in a farm in July, 2015.
Happy days now. Taken in a farm in July, 2015.

Healthy and Happy

For two years, my sister and I religiously followed a strict vegetarian diet. We used only vegetable oil and never ate bread, which we knew have eggs and other dairy products included. We just loved the pure vegetable and fruit diet that we ate for two years. It made both of us slim but fit and healthy.

My sister never complained of uneasiness or any pain while on our vegetarian diet. It was such a relief that my sister did not undergo an operation. After two years, my sister joined me in my tutorial job. Together, we taught kids which we are still doing now.

My sister always says that perhaps she was given another chance to live because she had an unfulfilled mission with the kids that she is teaching. She always wanted to be a teacher when she was a little girl, but my mother wanted her to become a midwife so she finished a course in Midwifery.

She had helped countless mothers deliver their babies since she successfully passed the Midwifery Board Examination, but she stopped when she became seriously ill. She prefers to be a private tutor to kids now rather than helping mothers deliver their babies.

My sister has never been seriously sick from that time on.

Remarkable Changes After Going Vegetarian

And to summarize it all, I listed all the reasons why I prefer being a vegetarian.

  • · It vanishes the bloated feeling.

There’s the feeling of uneasiness often when I finished eating during the time when I was still the – eat all you want – type of person. When I became a pure vegetarian, the feeling was gone.

  • · It gives a light and refreshed feeling.

Every vegetarian will agree that eating pure vegetables provides a healthy feeling. This is because vegetables have no or very little cholesterol content.

  • · Eliminates migraine.

The fats, cholesterol, plus the food enhancers and MSG in our foods cause migraine. This is why if you go vegetarian, migraine goes away in an instant.

  • · Lowers cholesterol.

Veggies have no cholesterol and they are the safest food to eat if you want a cholesterol-free diet.

  • · Prevents hypertension.

Fatty and cholesterol rich foods cause hypertension. It is no wonder that vegetarian people do not have high blood.

  • · Lowers the risk of having diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

There are vegetables like bitter gourd and other veggies that lower the risk of having diabetes, cancer and heart disease. What then is keeping you from going vegetarian?

  • · Prevents obesity.

Fats and cholesterol contributes a lot to obesity. We get very little amount of fats and cholesterol from veggies.

  • · Reduces weight.

If your goal is to lose weight, becoming a vegetarian is the best natural way to lose weight.

  • · Lessens stress.

One of the stress contributors is fat and cholesterol laden foods. If you avoid these kinds of food and go for vegetarian foods, stress will lessen.

  • · Increases immunity against certain diseases.

We learned in the elementary grades that vegetables are like soldiers. They fight diseases and prevent us from getting sick.

  • · Improves metabolism and digestion and prevents constipation.

Vegetables are very rich in fiber which helps us have better metabolism and digestion. Fiber rich foods help prevent constipation too.

  • · Minimizes bad breath

What contribute to bad breath are the food enhancers that go with the foods we eat every day. If you eat raw vegetables or just sauté them with ginger or garlic, the method will minimize bad breath.

  • · Keeps eyesight clear.

We get a lot of Vitamins from vegetables which are good for the eyes.

  • · Keeps the skin smooth and silky.

The vitamins and minerals we get when we eat veggies make skin smooth and healthy.

  • · Keeps the hair smooth and shiny.

Just like the skin, the hair also becomes healthy due the healthy nutrients that we acquire from the vegetables.

  • · Vegetables are loaded with vitamins and minerals that keep you fit and healthy.

We all know that this is a fact. We get complete nutrients from the vegetables we eat.

  • · Promotes love for animals.

As an animal lover, I am happy because I am not hurting any animal.

  • · Vegetables are the best foods for a healthy life.

Laden with vitamins and minerals, plus the fact that vegetables are non-fat and non-cholesterol; this proves that vegetables are very healthy.

  • · Vegetables are the cheapest food around.

Compared to meat, fish and other foods, vegetables are cheaper.

· And the most important reason for becoming a vegetarian is; vegetables are wonder foods. They are natural healers. There are vegetables that can heal certain types of diseases.

Becoming a vegetarian will totally change your life to a healthier, thus happier life.

Pictures used are all from the author.

This article is not meant to attack. I wrote this article from personal experience only and I want to share it with others.


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