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Why am I a Foodie?

Updated on January 5, 2017

Why am I a foodie? Well....let's start where any story begins at...the beginning. Growing up I always struggled with my weight. I would eat as a form of comfort and when my mom became pregnant she took me on her food journey. I believe that was the start being 7 years old and mom bringing home Greek food and saying, “Here want to try this?”

When it comes to food I am like Shakespeare to a sonnet. I can describe the high notes and low notes of the food I am eating. I enjoy making colorful food full of flavor. When I moved out on my own the first time I definitely struggled like most first time independent people do. At one point my diet consisted of mostly Chinese food and pizza. Now of course this was not because I did not know how to cook. My mom in fact insisted upon me taking a semester of home ec in middle school so I knew how to cook. It was more because of convienence and the simple fact that I had not become creative in the kitchen at this point. I was simple straight to the point recipe girl. I lacked the essential basics of becoming a cook and also the daringness and drive to do so. So what changed?

When cash flow wasn't rolling in so great and I had made some poor money choices as most young adults do food became scarce. So I had to start learning how to make things from scratch. Sure I did get some of the typical boxed Hamburger Helper or Romano Macaroni Grill boxes. In fact, that was what got me trying to make new things. I remember going to the store and exploring through the aisles trying to find something cheap that didn't taste bad. Well I had bought a $7 bag of frozen chicken breasts and so I found this box of Romano Macaroni Grill Creamy Basil Pasta for $1. Now to me paying that for a box was a steal and boy did it actually pay off. I bought the milk to go along with the box and then I went home that night and made it. It was a creamy pasta sauce with basil and sundried tomatoes with chicken tossed in it along with the pasta. First time I ever remember licking a pan clean on something I had made.

So over time I began buying spices and herbs and experimenting to discover their flavor. To this day basil remains my favorite herb. I could chiffonade it on a bunch of things. Basil....there are not enough things I could say about this herb. Anyway that is for another time. Learning how herbs work and simple usage of them can take the simpliest ingredients and really enhance them to an experience.

Have you ever seen Ratatouille? That moment when Remi bites into the food and you see the fireworks go off in his head...that's what being a foodie is to me. It's that moment of experimenting and BAM that magically moment happens when you take that bite.

When Chopped first came out that was the other inspiration behind me becoming a foodie. I remember my mom saying hey you've got to watch this show. So I watched it and she was like I did that all the time making meals...remember how trash came about? Trash was definitely a fun meal of chopped up ham, eggs, onions, pepper, potatoes, and cheese. Delicious and all made of stuff that was about to go into the trash. Then let's end at the main reason for the foodie journey. In December of 2014 I became a gastric sleeve recipent. I had to really get creative and learn to appreciate food in it's barest form and really flavor it without a lot of extra added condiments. So come with me on my journey of foodieness. I promise both healthy cuisine, comfort food, basically anything a foodie's heart could desire.


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