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Why do we love eating sweets?

Updated on October 8, 2012

Have you ever imagined why we all love eating sweets? Even those who no longer like sweets used to love sweets when they were younger before their taste changed. Love for sweets and high caloric value food are the most important reason for diabetes. In spite of all this we love to eat sweets. Is there a reason why we love sweets or is is just by chance. I tried to dig a bit on the internet to find out the reason. And after a bit of research I got my answer. Truth lies in the way humans were evolved from thousand of years.

Human species have evolved over a period of more than ten thousands of years. We stared from living on trees and slowly came down on the earth. After a long period of time we learned walking on two legs insted of four. During whole of this period man was very weak compared to other animals of that time. Man was not fast, didnt have big flesh tearing teeth nor any claws and wasn't big and stronger like other animals. Humans were more vulnerable compared to other living creatures.Even when he started hunting and his brain developed, life was not easy and he has to work hard to get its food.

Since food was hard to get in most part of human history, man was always in search of high caloric and fat containing food. Since most of the high caloric food are sweet in taste, it became a part of our natural instinct to get attracted to sweet food thinking that that it will have lots of energy. On the other hand, while most of the harmful food were bitter in taste, we developed the genes which repel us from eating bitter food. This genetic characteristic still exist in us as of today. So if you give some sweets food to a very small kid who has not developed taste for lot of day to day food, he will eat sweet food with great enthusiasm since it is inbuilt in our genetic system. On the other hand, he will start crying moment you give him bitter things to eat.

Since there is not scarcity of food in most part of the world, then why we still love high caloric sweet food. Answer lies in the time it takes to build genetic changes. If you see the length of human evolution in which there was scarcity of food compared to time when we have plenty of food then the ratio is almost 100 percent bent towards the time when there was less food to eat. In fact it is just hundred to 150 years back from now from when we have plenty of food specially in developed world. Even now for most parts of Africa and some parts of Asia and South America, food a hard thing to get at the end of the day. Since it takes a long time for the genes to change according to situation, we are still living with genes which tel us to eat high caloric sweet food.

So next time you have this desire to eat a sweet candy, you know why you are having that urge. My suggestion, if you want to eat sweet, go for it. Don't stop yourself :)


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    • moonlake profile image

      moonlake 5 years ago from America

      Thank you I will eat that sweet candy or ice cream. You have done a good job explaining why we eat sweets. I never knew all of this. I knew that my family had sweets from way back. Sweets were always part of their meals and it carried down through the years. Voted uP!