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Why is My Cake Not Rising?

Updated on January 13, 2016

You must be wondering what you did wrong. Your cake is not doing what you expected it to do. From raw middles to those uneven tops, you’re not the only one dealing with all this baking mess. Here are the common problems that could occur while you’re making a cake and how you can stop it from happening the next time.

  • Your cake did not rise because you must have forgotten to put in baking powder or perhaps you have put in so little. There’s nothing you can do to fix the cake to make it rise. So instead, work on making it look like a successful bake than a floppy one. Or you could work on baking a new one, but you better make sure to add that rising agent.

  • Is your cake too shiny or too greasy? If it’s cooked properly except for the greasiness, then you can cover it with icing and set it to disguise it perfectly. If it’s really soggy when you slice it, then you should consider throwing into the bin. Next time, make sure that you get the butter measurement right.

  • Your cake is stuck in the pan, what do you do? Don’t panic just yet. Instead, get yourself a sharp knife and run it around the edges of the cake. With a little pat on the sides, at the edges and at the bottom, you can get that cake out in no time! Next time, grease your pan properly before you add in the batter mixture.

The technique in baking is guided by the utmost accuracy. Carefully pick the ingredients that you use as well as the baking utensils that you have. Your measuring cups must be of high quality to ensure nothing less than the precision that cake baking requires.


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    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 24 months ago from Home Sweet Home

      my cake did rise but not too the highest peak