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The healthiest type of diet

Updated on April 4, 2015

healthy food

Fried food and food dripping with fat

The healthiest type of diet for us should contain:

*Natural foods like fruits and vegetables,

*Foods which are rich in fibres like pulses, whole grains, vegetables,

*Foods which have low content of fat in them,

*Foods which contain no artificial sugar content,

*Foodstuffs which contain large amounts of complex carbohydrates like roots, tubes and vegetables, and large quantities of water.

1) If we look into our own day-to-day diet pattern, how many of these points do we follow?

2) When we eat our meals everyday we bother to see if our diet contains at least some of these ingredients?

We actually eat

*We are eating processed foods like cheese, processed butter, and bread.

*We are taking Very little fruits and vegetables in the diet.

*Highly fatty foods like chips, wafers, fried goodies, curries floating in oil.

*Foods containing large quantities of sugar; we all know the sweet tooth in us.

*No complex carbohydrate-containing foods like vegetables, roots and tubes. Instant foods like noodles, pizza and sandwiches form our staple diet in this jet age.

*Junk food as mentioned above.

And we drink colas and aerated waters.

Why is this craze and taste for these kinds of unhealthy food?

There are several factors. The food that we eat now, the so –called unhealthy food, is easy to make, easy to order and tastier. The most important thing is that it is `fashionable’ to eat this kind of food.

Ask your teenager and he will tell you how insipid are our home-cooked food and how it is the `in thing’ to eat this stuff.

Does it mean that we are developing dangerous eating habits day-by-day eating high –risk foodstuff?

If our daily food intake contains most of the following components, then our eating habits are dangerous and risky. We need to do something about it. The dangerous components of our food habits are:

*Read meat,

*Fried food and food dripping with fat,


*Rich desserts,

*Very little fruit and vegetables,

*Processed and packed foods,

*Irregular timings and binge eating

A glass of milk



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