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Why organic

Updated on June 7, 2010

Time for change

I recently moved to Canada from the UK. While living in the UK I ate only organic food. It was after my husband was diagnosed with stomach cancer that I decided to change my diet. Although my husband had a hereditary form of cancer, not food related, I knew it was time for change.

At that time I was about 2stone over weight,high blood pressure and on the verge of being diabetic,sitting for hours on end in a cancer hospital seeing people of all ages suffering from this terrible disease made me think about what actually goes into our bodies,were we all just killing ourselves with our diets.This lead me to start my research and what I found was so horrific it completely changed my attitude to the way I had been eating for the past twenty some odd years.

At first when I went into the supermarket I found it difficult to buy anything everything seemed to be loaded with additives,at that time organics were thin on the ground,but I managed to purchase enough items to make some meals from scratch,my favourite drink had been coca cola but now I viewed it as poison,I managed to find a mobile organic veg van and got the lady to visit me once a week and I could buy all my organic veg,I started to make all my own soups,meat was thin on the ground you just couldn't buy organic,we had a smallholding so I bought some organic piglets that gave us our wasn't long after organics started to be readily available in the supermarket so that made life much easier for me,but by this time we had started growing all our own veg and rearing our own animals,our full diet was organic .

The change was dramatic,I quickly lost weight,had loads of energy,no longer had high blood pressure or was on the verge of being diabetic,I had educated myself about the effect food has on our bodies.

The need for education

People are always saying to me oh it's far too expensive ! this is just rubbish,I actually found I was spending much less as I was no longer buying expensive pre prepared food,or spending money on processed food that had no nutritional value.

On moving to Canada,it was like going back to square one,organics not readily available.everywhere I turned there was fast food ,every chain of fast food outlet you could think of was here selling its meals with the promise of an early death,lot's of unhealthy overweight couch potatoes,I was shocked that these people were so uneducated and uninformed about the dangers of their diet and what was worse they didn't care.On inspection of ingredients I found most things were loaded with hydrogenated fat,most of which has now been removed in the UK,and worst of all I found sodium benzonate in most drinks  and even pizza,this is now banned in the UK as it is a known toxin.People tell me that organic means nothing and it is no better than buying any other food,yes organic food does have a pesticide content it is legal for organic growers to use up to 7 pesticides on a piece of fruit or veg against 80 pesticides that are used on a regular piece,I know what I would prefer,the best is growing your own but not always an option for everyone.

I think it would be a good thing to educate these people so they know what they are exposing themselves to in the future,a life of heart disease and possible cancer's.People in the UK are pretty wised up now and there has been a massive change with the organic movement taking a lions share of food sales, throughout the UK buisiness is booming,it's a change I would love to see here,and I believe education should begin with children in school.

The benefits

The benefits of changing your lifestyle and choosing organic are huge,before I started I was overweight ,lethargic,feeling old,I am 53 now and feel 21,I have ton's of energy never catch cold's or flu in winter ,I used to be sick all winter before I made the change,it is now a rare occaision if I do get sick,I haven't visited a doctor for 7yrs,this is because I have a very good immune system,the problem with food today is the nutritional content,it doesn't have any.

Pesticides deplete the fruit and veg of nutritional value,chickens that are intensively reared are just full of fat,all the regular meat is pumped full of antibiotics,all these things weaken are natural immunity to disease.So unless everyone decides to make the change then we are likely to see even more people dying from cancer.

Never under estimate the power of the food we eat it has the power to harm or heal and it is up to you the path you choose.


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    • manthy profile image

      Mark 7 years ago from Alabama,USA

      It brings to mind you are what you eat ;0)

      Organic rocks and so does this hub!