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Why tea rules the world?

Updated on April 25, 2013

Close your eyes, open them think of all the celebrities you can remember.Scratch your head a bit and think of all the presidents and prime ministers of the world both present and past you can remember. All these great people of this world can meet over a cup of tea.Tea unites and rules the world.Don't call me insane when I beg to say every successful person is behind a cup of tea. Indeed tea is a drink of good cheer and can unite like minds.

As a silent and keen observer of the goodness of tea to mother earth, I want to trace the importance of tea and how it rules the world.Tea has been a social drink from time immemorial. Almost every economy in this world is sustained by tea production to an extend.All those tea plantations in various countries provide employment to the local people and in turn this boosts the economies of those countries.People are employed at various stages of tea production e.g. planting, picking and grading of tea. It doesn't end there a lot of people world over are employed in tea processing and packaging companies.Isn't this an act of kindness offered by tea to the human race?

If one walks in every high street in the UK there is a shop which sells tea.It shows how tea is infectious to the British public.The hospitality of the British people won't be complete without a good cup of cuppa.Tea is intertwined into the British culture and traditions.Make no mistake it is part of what it means to be British.The generosity of the British people can be evidenced by how they offer a guest a cup of tea first - then business after a hot cup of tea.This example of the British hospitality of using tea to welcome visitors is not far from my line of thought that tea rules the world. In 1773 the Boston Tea Party demonstration tried in vain to destabilize the smooth transportation of tea by dumping hundreds chests of tea at the Boston harbor.From that period to now the tea industry has grown from strength to strength.

The idea of many tea shops in UK's high streets shows how much impact tea is making in creating employment and boosting the UK economy.The idea of these tea shops is spread across the globe. In France,South Africa and America these tea shops are evidenced and they are contributing directly to the economies of these countries.Tea is a form of business and a source of employment.

Tea as a social drink has great importance and benefits to the populous of every country.Tea doesn't cause liver diseases like beer.Tea gives us energy from the sugar we add to make it sweet.It provides us with calcium through the milk we use.This calcium is important to our health because it aids good bone formation.It also provides the body with fluids through the water we use in preparing it.In winter it keeps us warm.Tea prevents blood from clotting and helps to decrease cholesterol levels.Make no mistake tea refreshes us and helps us to kick start our day at work.

We can never go wrong with a hot cup of tea on a Monday morning. It lifts our spirits up.It is cheaper to purchase and easy to prepare.Whether we like it or not tea is a silent ruler of this world.It is the lynch pin of most economies.Tea is here to stay and shall continue to influence our drinking habits,our economies and the way how we entertain guests.Long live the drink of good cheer - hot cup of tea.


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