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Why to eat banana?

Updated on April 12, 2017

1) Banana is full of nutrients

As you all know banana is enriched with nutrients and is one of the best food to consume. It can power you body up.

2) Banana is a cure

What all of you won't be knowing is that banana can also be used as a medicine. It has been seen that your chance of getting constipation gets lowered significantly if you eat two bananas a day.

3) Banana gives energy

Did you know that it is advised to eat a banana before workout as banana can you that extra energy to work extra to earn you your extra success.

4) Banana affects mood

One thing that all of you won't be knowing is that banana has the potential to affect your mood. It can enhance your mood. Along with this it can help you in your recovery from bad habits by reducing or speeding the recovery from withdrawal effect.

5) Banana is delicious

This might be a food-y reason, but banana is truly delicious. It goes along with other fruits perfectly. It can be easy mixed with different types of fruits or types of foods to get something new which is tasty and also at the same time, nutritious.

So, above are the few of the many reasons to eat banana everyday. I hope all of you eat two bananas per day. If you have some question, do feel free to comment.


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