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What Happens When Someone Drinks Too Many Energy?

Updated on September 6, 2014

One "gives you wings" and the other invites you to enter “the atmosphere”. These are words that some companies use to infiltrate the minds of people to persuade them to buy such products. The commercial ads of gaseous beverages colored the street banners of the cities and have been filmed and praised on radio and television channels. So what are these wings and this atmosphere?

Too many Energy Drinks lead to Side Effects, I will try to explain it here:

1- Asystole: While our Death by high levels of caffeine Calculator may show humans what number of energy drinks at once might become dangerous, this method does not use to everyone. Those with root heart situations went into heart failure after just some of energy drinks. Previously taking caffeinated drinks, be careful to check your heart’s health.

- A new research indicated that energy drinks lead to more forceful heart shrinkage, which could be dangerous to many with certain heart situations.

– A French research indicated that between 2009 and 2011 there were 257 opposite events because of energy drinks.

2- Hassles and headaches: a lot of caffeine drinks may cause extreme headaches from the energy drink withdrawal indications.

3- Sleep disorders: caffeine drinks do a good work of staying everyone conscious, but when abused, they may lead to a number of people to overlook nap all together. This insomnia leads to affected normal daily functioning that will be unsafe to drive a car or do other focus heavy jobs.

4- Diabetes: due lots of caffeine drinks are always extremely high in glucose, they can finally gnaw the insulin producing units of the pancreas, that cause type 2 diabetes.

5- Drug Interaction: Some of the components inside caffeine drinks may interact with receipt medications usually drugs taken for anxiety.

6- Addiction: Many people may be hooked on level of caffeine. This may cause absence or unavailability of functioning when not able to get the caffeine.

7- Dangerous habits: There's research posted in The newspaper of United states university Health which confirmed that kids will accept risky when high on energy drink.

8- Nervousness: A lot of caffeine lead many people to shake and be nervous. This may affect doing required jobs. A research out in Perth, Australia discover that even just one 250ml caffeine drink will increase a feeling of worry in young men.

9- puke: A lot of caffeine drinks will cause puking. This lead to lack of fluids.

10- side effects: due of the numerous components in energy drinks side effects might happen, from small itches to inflammations .

5 stars for Palestine as model

Palestine as model

Moving your feet a few steps, especially in the streets of the City of Ramallah, you find cans dominated by the colors blue and silver remarkably thrown on roadsides. Energy drinks swept the Palestinian market recently, despite the high price and immediate and subsequent health risks; it became highly popular among young people of both sexes. Abu Ali, owner of Funun Supermarket in the City of Ramallah, assures that he sells in the summer large quantities of these drinks. Explaining that many consumers prefer to drink it to the rest like the Cola drinks and other juices. He showed the various kinds and prices of these drinks.

Energy and Addiction

Nabil Nabil, 24 years old, from the village of Deir Dibwan prefers this energy drink that gives him the energy he needs for his long work between day and night. "It has an impact on my body. It retains me active for long hours and I do not feel sleepy despite the few hours of sleeping I get every day”. Mohammad Kazem, 35 years old from Ramallah, gives an example on this topic: "One day, we were invited to an evening concert for young people in the village of Sawyeh. When we arrived they gave us energy drink to supply our bodies with energy for the youth dabka (folklore dance).

”Zaki Yusuf, from Al-Am’ari Refugee Camp and a Karate player, says he drinks the energy drink so much that he feels daily addiction to it. He needs it for physical strength for his late night work as an audio technician and Karate training.

The Immediate and Subsequent Health Risks

How do these drinks increase energy? They contain a large quantity of sugar (glucose) that is rapidly absorbed, which gives high-energy. According to what is codified on those cans, each can contains: 45 calories of energy per 100 ml (i.e. 112 - 120 kilo calories per can of 250 ml). It also contains a very high level of caffeine 32 mg per 100 ml of the drink (i.e. 80 mg). “Caffeine is a harmful substance known to cause addiction to all types of food and drinks that contain it” says Dr. Qassim Abdul Salam, specialist in kidney diseases.

These drinks lead to addiction as they contain a high volume that makes the person awake for long hours, which in turn had a great impact on the nervous system as an unusual alarm. Dr. Qasem adds: “Sometimes it is advised not to consume these drinks below a certain age because of the damage some components could cause to organs of the body that are not fully developed.” Sabrin Shaheen, 24 years old, says that a short time ago she used to drink a can of the energy drink daily.

Because she felt it cooled her more than Cola. But her fiancé did not allow her to drink it anymore after the pain that struck her stomach and because of rumors about its bad effects on the liver. It was not of a big difference for Khaldoun, 25 years old, who used to drink two cans every day. He says “I reduced consumption of energy drinks to one can after I heard its impact on the liver and after I heard the story of a friend’s relative who was poisoned and was taken to hospital immediately after consuming the drink.”

We need more studies

Because of the lack of studies in the Palestinian nutrition research institutes about the damages resulting from such beverages, we approached many doors for a scientific opinion on this subject, but no one was ready to talk. Thus we resorted to physician consultancy through a piece of information published on the Internet, Dr. Abdul Aziz bin Muhammad Al-Uthman, Assistant Professor of Clinical Nutrition at the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences, King Saud University in Riyadh, confirms that there is considerable damage caused by energy drinks as compared to their benefits. He described in an interview with "Consumer Protection" that the ads of these drinks are suspicious and not commensurate with our customs and traditions.

The medical institution recommended the prevention of people less than 18 years from drinking it, which is something acknowlwdged by a company but justified it by assuring that the prevention would increase turnout of children and youth according to the saying “all forbidden is desirable”.

What people do not know is that many of these drinks cause anxiety after a period of time because of the large amount of caffeine. After a short period of time the body gets rid of some caffeine in the blood leading to a situation of anxiety. This is similar to the influence of drugs. If such quantities increase, it will certainly lead to irregular heartbeat, sleeping problems, psychiatric symptoms (withdrawal) and headache.

Medical studies confirm

Medical studies confirm that these beverages contribute to hypertension, increase of blood sugar, insomnia, headache pain, anxiety, nose drain, tooth decay and reduction of self-reliance as a psychological effect of narcotic substances. The energy drink companies recognize these symptoms and even write warnings on cans, such as: not suitable for diabetics, patients sensitive against caffeine. Some companies add heart patients and pregnant women. Dr. Al-Uthman shows that there are other elements such beverages contain that are controversial to date.

With all this damage that has been explored and searched outside the country and especially after several contacts that did not do any good or give any result about this subject, officials and researchers of nutrition in the Palestinian territories, where such beverages spread, should be encouraged to detect the extent of the damage caused to the human body, and issuing health reports that prove the immediate and subsequence effects to reduce the marketing of such products.


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