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Why you should buy an EXO Super Peel

Updated on November 9, 2011

One of the most challenging aspects of home baking or pizza making is moving your masterpiece of raw dough onto a pizza pan or pizza peel and into a scalding hot oven. This moment, above all others, has the potential to reduce your lovingly made creation to a mangled lump on a baking stone or on the kitchen floor. However, there is a solution.

The Exo Super Peel completely removes the risks of moving sticky, delicate or difficult dough, pizzas and pastry. The Exo Super Peel can pick up practically any sticky or delicate dough, even if it has already become stuck to your preparation surface, then securely transport it and place it precisely where you want it.

No more excessive flouring, no more misshapen pizzas and breads, and no more pizza dough stuck to your oven or kitchen floor!

The EXO Super Peel

What makes a Super Peel the best?

The Super Peel consists of a solid hardwood peel (also sometimes referred to as a paddle) that incorporates a poly/cotton fabric belt. This fabric belt is what makes the Super Peel different to all other peels available as the belt acts as a conveyor to pick up and move even the stickiest raw dough. When lightly dusted with flour this belt becomes virtually frictionless, allowing your sticky dough to be effortlessly picked up and deposited into a hot oven.

As the Super Peel is slid forward, the fabric belt automatically feeds out and provides a fresh non stick area of floured fabric beneath your dough. Once on the Super Peel, your dough won’t slide or move until you want it to. This means that the possibility of your dough ending up on the kitchen floor is a thing of the past.

The Super Peel is extremely easy to use with the conveyor doing the work for you.The best way to show how effective and easy to use the Super Peel is, is to see it in action:

A Super Peel in action!

Buy a discounted Exo Super Peel at

The Super Peel gives greater control and better results - without excessive flour

Many bakers have tried to overcome the problem of sticky dough by using a lot of flour or cornmeal under their dough. This may overcome the sticking problem however the more flour or cornmeal that is added, the more the composition of the dough is altered. This often results in a poor quality product, additional mess and greatly unpredictability.

The Super Peel can be used as a non stick work surface – perfect for rolling your pizza base and adding its toppings prior to cooking. Caring for your Super Peel is simple - the fabric belt used on the Super Peel is completely removable and machine washable. The wooden peel only requires a light wipe with a damp cloth.

Widely acknowledged as the best pizza peel and bakers peel on the market and recommended by Cooks Illustrated, the conveyor design of the Super Peel is patented and can’t be found on any other peel. By using a Super Peel you can remove the need for large amounts of additional flour or cornmeal, enjoy a less stressful and treacherous baking experience, and achieve better and more consistent baking results.

Where to buy an Exo Super Peel

Whilst the Exo Super Peel is available through a select number of kitchenware stores, the best place to buy a Super Peel is via where it the prices are significantly better than other online stores (including the Exo Super Peel website!)


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