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Updated on March 20, 2008

Living in Idaho brings many outdoor adventures and rewards. One of those is the abundance of wild game. Throughout the years family members have gathered together some great recipes for all types of wild game. The recipes below are for wild birds. If you like, check out other recipes for Elk, Venison, and Moose on my Wild Game (Elk, Venison, and Moose) Cooking Recipes here at hubpages.


The Chuckar Partridge is found in rocky arid portions of the western U.S. They are similar to Quail if you prefer to use in this recipe.

4 Chuckars or Quail, cleaned and soaked in salt water, 4 strips of bacon


4 C. breadcrumbs, 4 Tbsp. poultry seasoning or missed herbs, ¼ tsp. pepper, 1 medium sized onion-chopped, 1 C. chopped celery, 2 eggs-slightly beaten, ½ can mushroom soup, ½ C. milk

Mix bread with seasonings: add onion, celery, beaten eggs, mushroom soup and milk. Mix well.

Fill body and breast of bird, putting sufficient in the latter to give bird a plump appearance. Cover each breast with a strip of bacon, which may be removed 5 minutes before serving.

Roast in moderate oven, 350°, for 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Serve with tart jelly and tossed green salad.


(Of course, any duck will taste delicious using the following recipe, but Mallards are undoubtedly the best.)

Cut the breast and leg meat off the bird and dice to bite-size pieces.

1 Can concentrated orange juice, 2 Cans water, 1 medium onion-finely chopped, ¼ C. soy sauce

Place the onion in a frying pan with a little butter, simmer until soft, and then add the orange juice, water and soy sauce.

Be sure the temperature is just at the simmer point of 200°. Place the pieces of duck in the mixture for 45 minutes.

Serve over rice, and sprinkle with coconut and slivered almonds.


3 birds, preferably Mallards.

Combine and boil until soupy.

1 green pepper-chopped fine, 1 large onion-chopped fine, 1 medium carrot- grated, 1 clove garlic-crushed, 2 C. water

Rub ducks with salt and pepper. Stuff duck cavities with sliced apples. Pour above mixture, plus 2 cans mushrooms with juice over the ducks.

Bake for 4 hours in a slow oven set at 225°, basting every half hour.

Serve with wild rice.


4 ducks

1 C. Wild Rice (washed and soaked 2-3 hours, ¼ C. butter, 1 C. regular long-grain rice washed, 2 cans consommé + 1 can water, 1 med. onion- chopped - divided, 1 med. Apple-chopped, 5 stalks celery-chopped - divided

Broil the cleaned ducks about 3 minutes on each side. Take out and stuff ducks with mixture of apple, onion and celery. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and place in deep roasting pan.

Sauté remaining onion and celery in butter until light brown and add to rice, which has been soaked, washed, and drained. Mix water and consommé in large bowl and add rice mixture. Stir, and then spoon rice over top of ducks. Poor remaining liquid into roasting pan and cover and bake at 225° 2-3 hours or until duck is tender. Baste every 30 minutes and add more liquid if needed.

Remove ducks and throw away the stuffing. Cut ducks into half and arrange them on a platter with orange slices or a garnish.

Spoon rice into serving bowl to serve. Serves 8


Fillet breast and cut off legs of ducks. Dredge in flour and brown in shortening.

Add: 1 small onion-minced, ¼ tsp. curry powder, ¾ C. minced celery, 1 small garlic clove-crushed, 1 can mushroom soup, 1 soup can of water

Sprinkle the above mixture over the pieces of duck in casserole dish and bake 1 hour at 350°, then reduce heat to 325° and allow to bake an additional 2 hours. Turn occasionally and add more water if indicated.

Serve on steamed rice.

Small dishes of the following condiments add interest in the dish:

Crushed peanuts Chutney Grated orange rind Raisins or chopped dates

Each person can sprinkle on top of his rice what condiment suits him or her.


Fillet breasts of duck.

Marinate over-night in the following:

1 Tbsp. oil, 2 Tbsp. soy sauce, 2 Tbsp. Whiskey

Pre-heat oven broiler for 10 minutes.

Broil fillets 5 minutes on each side.

Serve with green salad and Wild Rice.


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