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Wine Review: Adam Carolla's Mangria (Signature Orange Sangria)

Updated on June 4, 2013
Mangria is Orange Sangria with a manly kick!
Mangria is Orange Sangria with a manly kick! | Source

I wasn't Shanghai'd onto this Pirate Ship

I will admit that I'm a fan, a huge fan, of Adam Carolla's Podcast, and have heard him speak of his Mangria concoction numerous times. But, before you call me a brain-washed minion, please know that I never bought a man-grate, and have never purchased anything else that adds "Wind to the sails of the Pirate Ship." It's not that I'm against it, I just don't buy a lot of excess 'stuff', as I'm more of a 'consumables' kind of guy. In other words, I buy things like wine, brake pads, and toilet paper all day long, but a book, grilling device, or coffee mug have no place in my life.

Anyway, when a friend invited me to go boating for Memorial Day Weekend, and appointed me as the vessel's beverage engineer, I decided that nothing could be finer than a few dudes on a hot day slugging back a little Mangria.

Thus, I fired up the ultranet and bought a case. I thought I'd only order a few bottles, but when the shipping is free when you buy a case, there is no other alternative. A week or so later, I'm pulling the cork on my first bottle of Adam's man juice. (uh, wait a minute.)

So, the first thing to know is that this stuff ain't cheap. At $20 / bottle it's easily $5 more than I normally pay for a bottle of wine, but since Adam makes me laugh for 1.5 hours, 5 days a week, I will profess that I'm ok with keeping the boat afloat. Thank you Adam, Alison, and Bald Brian for the entertainment.

Mangria, Orange Sangria

Mix with ice, or add a little of your own fruit.
Mix with ice, or add a little of your own fruit. | Source

Mangria, Orange Specifications



20.9% By Volume

Vinted and Bottled By: Patio Wine Company, Napa, CA

Flavor: Orange
(The website is wrong on the mouseover and shows 'pear'. There is a pear, but this isn't it.)

0 to Drunk: 1.5 glasses

Mangria Tasting and Pairing

In my world, zPizza offers Buy One Get One (BOGO) Free Large Pizza on Tuesday night. In planning for my weekly Wheat Crusted, Sante Fe, Extra Crispy, I looked forward to complementing it with my first bottle of Orange Mangria. The spicy chorizo sausage matched with the soothing fruity power-wine had me salivating on my motorcycle ride home.

As I popped the cork, I will admit that there was a little fizzy feel to it. In my wine experience, this usually is the calling card of a 'corked' bottle, which results in pouring it down the sink.

Although Adam highly recommends serving it chilled over ice, I poured a little into a beaming 20oz Solo red cup. Yes, I went classy tonight. I would've poured it into glass, but anything over ice is just as good in a plastic cup. Sniffing the nose, the orange hits you hard and lets you know that you're about to enter a world where Jimmy Buffet has crafted a nation or two.

Tipping back the cup, the purple watery liquid hits your tongue like a college hairy buffalo party punch. The heavy taste of lighter fluid, maybe a 151 rum, gives a sting, and then is immediately tended to by a soothing, yet dry,very dry, orange and fruity juice.

Immediately, I took Adam's advice and filled the cup with ice, to round off the harsh fruit medley. The pizza arrived, and I enjoyed the incredible combination of my favorite pizza with a fruity liquor twist.

Can't find a Better Man

Let's face it. Adam didn't set out to make something that High Society will flock to their local gourmet shoppe and fill their basements with multiple bottles. I would be surprised if the cork or bottle will even hold together after 10 years without bursting from pressurized noxious gases. (Hell, I almost expect the name to change from Molotov to Corolla Cocktails!)

I had full intent to ask my finer-half to try it, but after the first sip, I realized that it was a lost cause. She would just snarl her nose and show her teeth, and she'd admonish me for tricking her into swilling such... well, swill. (At least to her.)

But, if you're looking for something to mix-up your pallet from a usual routine, maybe you're having a pool party, boat outing, or if you just want to see the look on someone's face when you give them the a gift that keeps on giving, then grab a bottle and "Get it on"!
(Got to get it on, mandate: Get. It. On.)

If you're really a glutton for punishment, then check out the recipe for a "Better Man", which mixes in a little Rye whiskey to round out a solid glass of liquid punishment. My guess is that there will be a fist fight, at the minimum, after a couple of those go down the gullet, but damn I can't wait to try it.


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      jds 2 years ago

      Great review! Piqued my interest and got a couple laughs out of me :)