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Wine - Taste and Remember Why We Drink It

Updated on May 18, 2016

When We Drink

Imagine me intoning, like that Dos Equis beer commercials:

in a monotone and in one of my best sultry wine voices, see me look you straight in the eye and hear me say something to the effect of I don't often drink wine, but when I do, it's not one of those icky wines.

Isn't the true judge of wine whether you are willing to buy it twelve bottles at a time. You know, by the case - - You do get a case discount when you do this.

Dry Versus Sweet

As a whole, I detest dry wine. I prefer a sweet, fruity wine. Dry, to me, means that there is no sweetness. You pour the wine in your mouth and the experience leaves you wishing you had a glass of water.

I remember watching Martha Stewart on one of her shows a few years back, extolling the virtues of some wine and then, apparently one of her friends had sent her some home made wine, which she took a sip of on the air, and it was amusing to me, to watch her sip the one and then, grab the second glass and clear the taste out of her mouth.

She maintained composure, but body language alone was enough to make me laugh.

Way Back When

Back in the day, when we were younger, the wine of choice was Boones Farm. They had some interesting flavors Tickle Pink and Strawberry Hill are the two flavors that come to mind. I recall some TJ Swan.

Lately, we enjoy Arbor Mist, and Wild Vines. Our current favorite is Red Electra, which is a Muscato wine. It's just plain good tasting.


It has been touted lately that one glass of wine is equal to one hour exercising at that gym you like. I suppose one would come home and say:

Well, honey, I've been exercising my mouth now for a couple hours and I feel pretty good.


The Manichewitz Cherry is like the wine you drink at Church. Fruity and a heavy wine. The Silver Satin is what we use in our pickled fish.

The mason jar is some Rhubarb Wine I made last year. It's fairly good, but I call it Devil's Spit. I don't like to drink it. I'm not a wine drinker, as I prefer a cold beer to a glass of wine.


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    • lawrence01 profile image

      Lawrence Hebb 22 months ago from Hamilton, New Zealand


      I enjoyed this hub, but all I can really say is you haven't lived until you've tried a good New Zealand dry white with a roast beef dinner!

      Dry white is meant to be drunk with a red meat meal, and it really brings out the flavor of the meat by taking all the other flavors out of your mouth before taking a bite of that juicy beef!

      As you can tell I love a good dry wine, though I'll admit my favorite wine after a meal is a good red, preferably a Merlot!

      Over here in NZ we have whole supermarket racks full of locally produced wine (as much as the beer, but we have some great ones there too!) and some amazing flavors!

      My favorite dry white would be 'Banrock Station' which is actually Australian followed by Oyster Bay though Lindaur Brut is international and a good New Zealand wine.