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Wine Tasting Party; How to Organise One

Updated on January 12, 2012
Many thanks to ComicBase
Many thanks to ComicBase | Source

Whether you are a devoted wine lover, or are interested in learning more about this beverage, hosting a wine tasting party is a great way to explore these interests and socialise with friends. Even more so than other parties, a major element of planning goes into hosting a successful wine tasting party. When you start the planning process you will find many things you need to keep in mind; by paying attention to the details ahead of time, you assure yourself of a fun and enlightening evening at your wine tasting party.

Choosing Wines

The first thing you will want to do when you are planning your wine tasting part is to choose wines that you want to taste. You likely want to taste between three and six different wines at your party. Any more, and your guests will become overwhelmed and may not be able to remember which wines suited them best, and any less and there is not a chance to fully explore the differences. Choosing the right wines will depend on exactly the type of wine tasting you want. One popular tasting option is a vertical tasting, which means trying several different vintages of the same wine. A vertical tasting involves choosing a year, and trying several different producers from the same time. However, you can choose a more laid-back approach as well.


Scoring is an aspect of the wine tasting experience that is not necessary, but for many people makes the experience more fun and memorable. If you decide to incorporate scoring in your party, you will either purchase or print out wine scoring sheets to your guests. They can then take notes on the wines, and compare them based on flavor, scent, mouth feel or other aspects. Afterwards, you and your guests can compare notes and determine which wines were most popular.

Food Pairing

Another part of the wine tasting that is optional is a food paring. This is a great way to make the wine more accessible to non-wine drinkers. While there are a variety of different food parings, two of the more common options are cheese and fruit. Choosing the right food parings is an article in itself, but put simply, use good judgment, and ask the advice of your favorite wine retailer if you have questions. When in doubt, choose foods that will not overwhelm the food, but instead accentuate the flavors and overall wine tasting experience.


Storing your wine for the party is something you need to think about in detail. Each type of wine has a different temperature at which they taste the best. Whether storing at room temperature, or chilled, do not take chances. Monitor the temperature of your wine storage area so that your guests will get the best enjoyment possible from the wines they taste. The temperature differences are a major aspect of the tastings you will conduct, so do not short change yourself or your guests by failing to serve them as the winemakers intended.

As you can see, you must consider many things before you host your wine tasting party. It may seem complex, but once you have done this a few times, you will learn the little details are not as complex as they first seem. Once you have everything organised, the party will actually come together quite easily. Unlike other types of parties, you will be able to spend time enjoying the wine and the company of your friends. When the party has concluded, hopefully you will have learned more about the types of wines that appeal to you and how to best enjoy them.


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