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Best Wine and Cheese Party Ideas

Updated on December 15, 2012

Have a Wine and Cheese Party

With the holidays just around the corner, who has time to entertain? Well, sometimes it isn't a matter of having time, sometimes you need to entertain regardless. And everyone loves a good party, right?

I find that having a wine party with a nice appetizer spread is easier to put together than an all out party and just as fun. Actually, I think it is more fun because wine makes for a nice, festive atmosphere.

Tips for your Wine and Cheese Party

I thought I would put together some ideas for things you can do to make your party as fun and festive as possible.

  • Wine choices. Instead of overwhelming your guests, choose 4 types of wine - 2 white varietals and 2 red wine varieties. Guests will drink what you put out but giving them too many choices can be overwhelming.
  • Cheeses. A good cheese spread, to me, includes several cheeses of different types. I would choose one soft cheese like brie or camambert, at least one hard cheese like a sharp cheddar, and cheeses that are somewhere in the middle, like asiago. Once you've picked out your wines, visit a cheese shop and ask for advice.
  • Fruit. Fresh fruit makes a nice compliment to wine and cheese. I like to have a big bunch of grapes plus whichever seasonal fruits there are. If this is a winter party, you can slice up some oranges or make a big fruit salad.
  • Other appetizers. Are you into food and wine pairing? If you are, pay special attention to the different appetizers you put out. If you don't really care that much or you don't think your guests care, just put out whatever you want! I like to put out cocktail shrimp, veggie sticks, and at least one hot appetizer, like spanakopita (Greek Spinach Pie).

Great Party Idea for Those Pressed for Time!

This type of party is ideal for

  • Last minute parties.
  • When you need to have an open house.
  • A simple get together during the holidays.
  • Any time of the year!
Keep this in mind when you are planning your next party. :)

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