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Wines from Argentina

Updated on October 17, 2010

Bodega La Rural

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Argentina is producing great wine at an affordable price

I was surprised when I lived in Argentina at how good their native wines were. The truth is, Argentina has been producing fine wine for years, but has flown under the radar of most consumers. There are two varietals that are common in Argentina that are catching on in the United States.


A Malbec often has an oak and flint taste. It is somewhat like a Syrah in that way and it is a great complement to beef dishes. It has a deep red and purple color. This wine is not native to Argentina but it survives because for many years Argentina was the only place that produced a Malbec.


My friend calls this wine the "white wine for people who don't like white wine." Many people who don't like wine say it's because white wine tends to be fruity or sweet. Indeed, that's why many people like white wine. Torrontes has the ability to please both people who want a sweet wine and those who dislike the sweetness. I think this is because a torrontes starts sweet and ends dry.

Recommended brands: Alamos and Norton are always reliable brands to buy when buying Argentine wine. Also, Terrazas makes a good Malbec. If you are in Argentina Etchart makes a very palatable low-end wine and Rutini (La Rural) makes perhaps my favorite Malbec. Try these wines. Or, better yet, if you are in Mendoza, go to La Rural and try the Rutini at the source.


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