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Winter Vegetarian Mashed Potato Dish

Updated on January 8, 2012

Vegetarian Mash Potato Dish

These winters make us all go for our comfort foods. Types of meals and dishes that are really easy to make, and budget friendly. One of my favourite is mashed potato dish, and my teen son, loves this one, he could have it everyday, i think, but as the saying goes too much of anything....Funny thing is though he is well trained and can make this dish quite easily for himself, when am working from home, he has this look and grin, your mash potato is better than mine mom. Though it's a nice feeling to know your son appreciates your cooking, but there comes a time when that does not cut it and he must cook for himself the dishes he really loves, just to help mom out anyway.

Here then is our simple recipe that your own kids can make in about 10minutes. They can cook this three times a week if possible just adding variations to save you cooking for 3 days, now that is really a treat for mom and dad i think.

Dish Serves 2( For 4 use double the amount of each ingredient)

1 sachet of Mr Mash Instant Potato

1 Tablespoon of unsalted butter

Half a teaspoon(flat) of sea salt

250ml of water

250ml of milk

1 Tin of drained Tuna Fish

Ready cut packet of onions (about half a medium cup or more to suit your taste)

Extra virgin olive oil according to taste(2 tablespoons should do) Black Pepper, Fish seasoning of your choice

Ready made vegetables of your choice set aside.

Prepare the onions first. Stir fry the onions in olive oil on medium heat, till slightly brown.

Add the tuna to this with the seasoning of your choice including the black pepper. Mix and

stir fry for a few minutes. Set aside to cool.

Prepare the milk and water. Warm on low heat. You can replace the water with milk.

Add the mash potato, while milk is starting to get warm, not boiling or you end up with lumpy mash potato, not so creamy. Add the sea salt and stir mixture to your desired consistency. Use a wooden spatula for this, to avoid scratching your saucepan. Add the unsalted butter. Mix and stir well. Sprinkle some black pepper or spice of your own choice. This is now done, set aside.

Now take the stir fried tuna with onions and mix into the mash potato. Dish up while piping hot

Add the vegetables to your dish and that is your winter meal done in 10minutes. Quick and easy, enjoy with your favourite music and hot drink.

Remind your teen to tidy up the kitchen when he is done.


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