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Amish Organic Grown | Grains | Whole Grains | Flour

Updated on October 5, 2012
Amish Certified Organic Grains
Amish Certified Organic Grains
Organic Wheat Berry
Organic Wheat Berry
Amish Organic Oats
Amish Organic Oats
Amish Organic Rye
Amish Organic Rye

Certified Organic Grains including Amish grown oat groats are offered on line at the Cottage Craft Works Back-to-Basics online General Store.

If you're looking for wholesome certified organic grains for cooking or grinding into flour Cottage Craft Works carries a full lineup of organically grown grains grown and harvested on an Amish farm. Amish grown organic oats are difficult to find and you will even find them on this site.

They also offer Spelt which is a low gluten alternative to wheat, as well as Buckwheat also good for a low gluten diet.

If you use wheat berries for your home ground flours they carry wheat berry in soft white, soft red and hard red.

Probably one of the more overlooked grains is Barley, many people automatically think of Barley soap as something you can tolerate or hate.

Barley is actually a grain that can be used in all types of breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes.

Once you realize that it has many more uses than just making soup, you will gain an entirely different appreciation for barley.

It makes a great extender for meat dishes, or it can actually be a meat alternative for vegetarian dishes and it also makes wonderful casserole dishes.

Like most other grains barely can also be ground and used in breads

Visit this web site for all types of barley recipes

Most are aware that flax seed is a great source of omega- 3 rich oils but did you know flax seed can also be ground and mixed in breads and cereals, plus it makes a tasty topping for salads and even yogurt?

Not to be confused with the dark flax seed this is golden organic flax seed. Flax seed provides a nutty buttery taste and can be used in place of nuts.

Can’t decide, on what to get Cottage Craft Works, also carries a popular 7 whole grain mix containing organic grown whole grain spelt, soft wheat, rye, hard wheat, oats, barley and millet.

Certified organic grains are sold in 25 lb bags, and even 50 lb are available upon special request.

You can order online at Cottage Craft Works .com


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