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Wrong to eat directly collagen

Updated on June 24, 2016

Many called collagen is a kind of "glue" because they help our bodies fused into a block. To put it more simply, without collagen our body will collapse.
Collagen is a protein. Was "acting" protein is of course to have an extremely important role in the body. It is a special form of the protein is responsible for the preservation and maintenance of connective tissue, such as tendons, cartilage, ligaments ...

Not lack anything to eat this

Therefore the role of collagen is extremely important in the body for up to a lack of this will be a serious problem for health. There are diseases related to deficient collagen genes, such as osteogenesis imperfecta. With this disease, impaired collagen seriously. According to natural law, on average, a person will lose about 30% of the total amount of collagen when entering the age threshold of 40.

When aging skin is collagen deficit and will also cause wrinkles. Pharmaceutical companies, cosmetics, food ... see this ship should have a series of products that contain collagen. That is why suddenly famous collagen from functional foods to cosmetics. It is thought that the deficiency of collagen due to age, the best way is "raising capital" collagen from outside. Manufacturers of collagen supplement dosage forms such as under enough drinks, supplements, lotion ... Some people simply thought that drinking plenty of collagen, the more help the body produce collagen. This is incorrect because the body we have many types of collagen undertake different tasks. There are at least 11 types of collagen, including five kinds of important than others, such as collagen type I collagen is the functional support structure of the skin, veins, capillaries, blood vessels, bones and organ. Collagen IV also plays an important role for the structure of the skin. Although collagen is very important for the body, but no scientific evidence to determine that the collagen drink beverages or eat foods that help you look younger collagen is more beautiful thanks be to make more collagen.

Upgrade collagen correctly

The scientists said that collagen works only when our bodies synthesize them in a natural way. We can "upgrade" of collagen in the body by eating foods that help the body to synthesize collagen. Own food and drinks that contain collagen, then after entering the digestive system digestive juices will be tempered, decompose and turn them into aminoacids, collagen was not as they were not digested and does not blend into the line availability of body collagen. Not to mention some people after drinking beverages collagen food allergies if their atopic allergies because most of the collagen supplement products are isolated from beef, chicken ... very allergens .

As for cosmetics containing collagen can actually use it or not? The researchers said that the structure of the collagen molecule is too large, not easily absorbed through the skin to promote the work. There are many people who are so eager to supplement collagen should have asked the physician injecting collagen straight into the body. This can be harmful because of possible allergic reactions such as vomiting, fever, itching, redness, peeling skin ... or sore at the injection site. Some severe cases may occur as urinary tract infections, bloody urine ... In Australia, the case of collagen supplement should consult your doctor and therapist can not voluntarily purchase true.

These foods are rich in collagen

As a result of nutritional scientists in the world, there are many foods that contain collagen: These foods are made from soy, such as soy milk, cheese, tofu and some other foods are known to be geniste may contain high levels of function in contributing to the process of production of collagen and effective anti-aging skin. Foods rich in omega-3-rich collagen containing fatty acid groups play an important role in the structure of the skin, the horny layer, which contributes to the production of collagen, prevent the loss of water between layers of the skin, so soft skin, whiter, more strong. The whole grain cereals to provide the amount of Biotin - vitamin B sizable help your skin moist and smooth. Tuna, sardines, salmon ... contains omega acid content and high vitamin D is effective against the abuse of UV rays, protecting collagen, reduces growth stimulants skin cancer cells from which help you keep your skin youthful.


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