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Xagave Packets: Healthy Sweetener Option

Updated on March 13, 2011

Do you enjoy sweetened coffee, tea or other beverages? Are you looking for a way to keep from adding unnecessary calories to your daily beverages without having to use artificial sweeteners that are made from or contain dangerous chemical ingredients?

If so, you just might be excited to discover Xagave sweetener packets. This unique sweetener provides a way to enjoy flavorful sweetened beverages without adding anything that isn’t good for you.

What Is Xagave Sweetener?

Xagave is a unique natural sweetener that gets its name from the substance that it is made from. Xagave is a bend of nectar from white and blue agave plants. It doesn’t contain any chemical ingredients, yet tastes great and has significantly fewer calories than sugar.

Additional Health Benefits of Xagave

Saving calories is not the only benefit associated with this sweetener. Additional benefits include:

  • Fiber: Xagave contains inulin fiber from the blue agave plants used to make it, the sweetener provides a natural source of dietary fiber.
  • Calcium: The nectar of white agave plants is rich in calcium, making Xagave an excellent dietary source of calcium.
  • Low Glycemic Index: Xagave also has a low glycemic index (GI) of 30, making it an excellent sweetener option for individuals with diabetes or who are following a diet plan that recommends consuming foods with a low GI.
  • Minimal Blood Sugar Impact: Because of its low GI, consuming Xagave does not cause blood sugar spikes.

Individual Packets of Xagave Sweetener

Brought to the market by Better Body Foods, LLC, Xagave was first introduced in a nectar form – similar to the consistency of honey – that is ideal to use in recipes as well as to sweeten beverages. In order to meet the needs of consumers who prefer to use individual sweetener packets for coffee, tea and other beverages, the company expanded the Xagave product line to include easily portable packets as well as nectar.

Of the decision to introduce packets, Stephen Richards, creator of Xagave and President/CEO of BetterBody Foods, explains, “I realized the amazing potential of convenience Xagave packets can bring for a healthier America. It was one of those ideas that came to me and I thought, ‘Why haven’t I thought of this sooner!?’”

Where to Find Xagave Packets

Are you ready to try Xagave sweetener packets for yourself? Xagave packets can be ordered from Xagave nectar is also available from the site, as well as Delicious Meets Nutritious, Stephen Richards’ cookbook featuring recipes made with Xagave.


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  • dahoglund profile image

    Don A. Hoglund 6 years ago from Wisconsin Rapids

    I had not heard of this sweetener before.