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Yellow Cab Delivery Philippines - Menu, Number, Minimum Price

Updated on August 17, 2010
Yellow Cab Pizza Philippines
Yellow Cab Pizza Philippines

Yellow Cab Delivery Information

I personally love Yellow Cab Philippines Pizza and everything else in their menu. Growing up, Yellow Cab was so accessible to me, being that their store is right outside the gate of my village. We, my family and my friends, would usually have Yellow Cab delivered for different occasions and celebrations. Throughout the years, one thing that I have realized is that their pizza and all their other recipes are unique and unlike any other recipes that other restaurants offer.

  • The Yellow Cab Philippines Delivery Number is 789-9999.
  • The Minimum Price or Charge for Yellow Cab Delivery is Php 250.00.

In this article you will see the Yellow Cab Philippines Menu and I hope that it is able to help you with your pizza delivery needs. I will also be talking about my personal favorites and recommendations to help those who remain undecided.

Before you go on, I would like to say first that I do not work for Yellow Cab Philippines. I am just a food lover who enjoys getting pizza delivered at my house. Yellow Cab is truly one of my favorites. I swear on my own life. I love Yellow Cab. I am just here to help out others who are undecided about what to order or who are in need of information about Yellow Cab Delivery in the Philippines.

Yellow Cab Philippines Pizza Menu

Yellow Cab Philippines Menu
Yellow Cab Philippines Menu

My Personal Favorite Yellow Cab Pizza

For their classic pizzas, I would definitely recommend their Manhattan Meat Lover's Pizza™. For me, this has the best taste among the rest but of course this is a personal opinion. Other people would usually choose New York's Finest™, for those who want vegetables tossed around with their meat. Both are very good, actually. And both are also offered at a decent price.

For veggie lovers or hardcore vegans and vegetarians, there is also the Garden Special™. Of course made with the unique style of Yellow Cab, their vegetarian pizza makes eating vegetables an amazing experience even for those who are not so into vegetables.

Yellow Cab Philippines Menu for Specialty Pizza

Yellow Cab Philippines Delivery Menu
Yellow Cab Philippines Delivery Menu

My Own Favorite Specialty Pizza

The Roasted Garlic & Shrimp™ is an absolute delight. It makes eating pizza more of a holistic experience, really. But this is probably because I am partial to seafood. Their #4 Cheese™ is also really amazing and contains 4 different kinds of cheeses. If it's too much cheese for you then you can just add some extra toppings to add some variety to the delicious cheeses in the pizza.

But if you are still really undecided then go for their Four Seasons™. It contains four specialty pizza flavors and is perfect for those who are feeling indecisive. Surely, why wouldn't you choose the one flavor that makes you try out a variety of different pizzas. It is really like hitting four birds with one stone. This is also perfect for first timers.

Other stuff in their menu

Yellow Cab Delivery Philippines Menu
Yellow Cab Delivery Philippines Menu

Why I love Yellow Cab

And just when you thought it was all over, it is actually just about to begin. In this section of their menu you will find recipes and meals that have made me fall in love with food from Yellow Cab. Many years ago I tried out their Charlie Chan Chicken Pasta™ for the first time and believe me, it really changed my life. It was so good and I loved it so much. Recently I also tried their Yellow Cab Chicken Alfredo™ and it was just as good! It really juts depends on your mood which one you would prefer but really they are equally good, in my opinion. The Chicken Alfredo is amazing and a must-try. The taste is so authentic and the past is just so perfect.

And don't even start with me with their Hot Wings™. Along with their lovable chili oil, it is this Hot Wings Recipe that I truly love. You can take out everything in their menu and leave this and I will still be coming back for more. I am addicted to it. And right now I actually miss it because I haven't had some in quite a while. Speaking of which, I really should dial 789-9999 and start getting myself some of those Hot Wings. You should too.

I hope I was able to help out with your delivery dilemmas and indecisiveness. Check out some of the other stuff I wrote about other food delivery in the Philippines.


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    • profile image

      pauline fernand 

      6 years ago

      shakeys the bes t

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      i also experienced bad customer service in two yellow cab stores I've been to - at market!market! and megamall branches!. . .the person who gets the order is not pleasant at all,no greeting,no smile,will just take your order,period. When I followed up my order coz it was really delayed already,the person even talked at my back,then she gave me a "pailalim" look!That's why when I'm in those said malls and even if i want yellow cab pizza I just get an alternative!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      hello yellow cab

      can i ask so until when u gonna lose ur customers because of lacking online ordering service \

      come oe buddy make a online ordering service

      we r all waiting for u tnx

    • Harry Santos profile imageAUTHOR

      Harry Santos 

      8 years ago from Metro Manila, Philippines

      what do you want me to do? gosh... hahaha

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Yellow Cab's pizza are an A+ to me. But they have a VERY DISAPPOINTING AND POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE! It's really not what I've expected since they are supposed to be giving the best service they could provide since there's a lot of expectation that people are expecting from them. I fell in line bec I really wanted to go and grab some pizza. But it took me 10mins of waiting in the line just bec the cashier is really taking some time to offer some other goods to the person she is serving right at that time, in which case, I tried to understand. Then when it was my turn to order, I've made up my mind on what to order so it only took me a minute or so to place my orders. I was told that the food will be done after 15 minutes and so I waited patiently... After quite some time, I've noticed that there's about 6-7songs I've heard from my Ipod and yet, there's not a pizza that's in my hands. To my surprise, I even saw another customer being served of her meals (which I know for a fact that I ordered ahead of time before her since there's only 3 tables at that time that they serve bec it's pretty early at that time and I just got off from work since I work on a graveyard shift). I asked then to follow up my orders then the arrogant server just told me, "Ay sandali lang. (Oh, just a moment.)" ---without even apologizing! I felt very pissed and disappointed knowing that they should be giving the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE that they can since they are one of the leading pizza companies here and around the globe! In other words, there's a lot that's expected from them! I hope they can fix this thing out bec if not, they might lose good customers in the future....


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