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Yes, You Can Vacation Gluten Free!

Updated on July 7, 2012

Gluten Free Vacation!

Don't let your gluten free diet stop you from going on your yearly vacation, it can be done! We just went away for a week at Wildwood Crest, NJ and I was able to stay gluten free and did not miss much.

We rented an apartment that had a full kitchen. I went grocery shopping at home before we left and made sure I had everything I wanted to eat with me. I brought a cooler for my frozen foods and put them in the freezer as soon as we arrived. I made a meal plan before I left, once I was there and on vacation I did not have to worry about it.

For breakfast foods, I brought a box of gluten free cereal (Erewhon Strawberry Crisp), eggs, and a package of frozen gluten free bagels (udi’s). For lunch I brought a frozen loaf of bread (udi’s white sandwich bread) and I went to a local supermarket at the shore and bought Boars Head lunchmeat for my lunch each day, and a box of Annie’s gluten free mac and cheese in case I wanted a change. For healthy snacks I went to the store at the shore and made sure we had salads and other fresh fruit and vegetables. I brought all my salad dressings from home.

For dinners we had a taco night, a wing night with gluten free barbeque sauce (Cains Naturally Delicious All Natural Honey Barbecue Sauce), and two pasta nights. I brought my gluten free pasta (Schar pasta), made meatballs using my gluten free bread for bread crumbs, spices, a regular red sauce, and a vodka sauce from home and a frozen loaf of my favorite gluten free italian bread (Against the Grain-Baguettes). We ordered pizza out one night and I made my pizza on my bagels with sauce I had brought and cheese from the local store. For goody snacks, I had chips, microwave popcorn-three flavors, ice cream, packaged chocolate chip mix (Gluten Free Pantry) that I used to make blondies with ice cream on them, and vanilla cookies. Next time I will bring waffles to make waffle ice cream sandwiches, I could not eat the ones on the boardwalk. I did find a vending machine in an old fashion arcade on the boardwalk that had a gluten free breakfast sandwich, I did not try it, but it was there! I was able to have ice cream, the filling of a canoli, and some chocolate candy on the boardwalk.

I planned to eat out one night on our vacation and I looked for a restaurant and checked out the menu before we left. We even used a certificate! I choose a Mediterranean restaurant in Cape May called Jo Jo Mediterranean Grill. Their menu had many gluten free choices for appetizers and entrees. It was fun trying many new foods, I was able to eat and leave the restaurant feeling good!

It was a great vacation and I did not feel hungry or deprived the whole week. With a little planning, you can have great gluten free vacation. Get packing and go enjoy your vacation time, gluten free. Mangia!


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