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Fig Yogurt Honey Breakfast Scones with Brown Sugar

Updated on March 22, 2012
Light & Flaky Fig Yogurt Scone
Light & Flaky Fig Yogurt Scone
Black Mission Figs
Black Mission Figs

Want to taste the best flaky, light pastry scones you have ever tried? Well do I have a treat for you. These scones are the best mouth watering scones you will ever eat! I'm telling you the truth. When I first tried these scones I made from scratch, I couldn't believe my taste buds! Boy are these scones delicious! And when it comes to scones, I am a sucker for scones. I just love how they complement beverages such as tea, coffee and apple cider. Fruit scones are my favorite breakfast bread anytime of the day!

Scones have such a delicious taste, I actually prefer them over muffins. My aroma filled kitchen smells of figs and honey smothered between two layers of dough.

I use the freshest ingredients available in my recipes. I purchase natural and organic products from Whole Foods, The Fresh Market, Milam's Market and local farmer's markets to give my scones the best taste of goodness. These scrumptious breakfast breads will leave you wanting more.

There are many kinds of scones available for the palate that enjoys a variety of tastes. There are vegetable scones, cheese scones, fruit scones and a combination of vegetable and cheese and fruit and cheese scones. So if you love scones the way I do, no worries there is a scone out there for everyone!

There are many varieties of figs. There are Black Mission Figs, Brown Turkey Figs, Calimyrna Figs and Dakota Figs. The Black Mission Figs are purplish in color with a pinkish flesh. The Brown Turkey Figs have a brown skin and a mild taste. The Calimyrna Figs are golden skin and preferably used in desserts. Dakota Figs are green skin and are the least sweetest of all figs. I use Black Mission Figs because they are sweet and ooze a syrup. In this recipe, you can use Brown Turkey Figs or Calimyrna Figs which have a distinctive nutty flavor to them if you prefer.

Adding honey and Greek yogurt to this recipe really adds a tangy sweetness to these delectable scones. If you like variation in your scones or have a particular diet that you follow, feel free to add or subtract any ingredients from this recipe!

These scones are light, flaky and soft. They remind me of homemade biscuits. Soft, light and yummy!

Fig Yogurt Honey Scones - Makes: 6 servings


1 1/2 cups of all-purpose flour

1/3 cup of granulated sugar

1 teaspoon of baking powder

1/2 teaspoon of baking soda

2 tablespoons of honey

1/4 teaspoon of salt

6 tablespoons of unsalted butter, slightly frozen

2/3 cup of Black Mission Figs, chopped

1/2 cup of plain Greek yogurt

1/4 teaspoon of vanilla Extract

Syrup from two figs

Fig Brown Sugar

Syrup from one fig

2 tablespoons of Light brown sugar

Before preheating your oven to 400 degrees F, shave 6 tablespoons of butter (shavings of butter) and place on a dish, cover with saran wrap and place in the freezer for about an hour before you prepare this recipe. The butter should be semi frozen. 

Preparation - Preheat oven to 400 degrees F

First line your baking sheet with parchment paper and set aside.

In medium size bowl, whisk dry ingredients together flour, baking soda, baking powder, salt and sugar. Set aside.

On a cutting board, cut up 2/3 cup of figs and extract the syrup from the figs. Once this is done, reserve the fig syrup to be later used in the dry ingredient mix and light brown sugar glaze. Blend the syrup of one fig and 2 tablespoons of light brown sugar together in a bowl. You will create a flavorable sugar blend. You need just enough fig syrup to moisten the brown sugar. This will add a unique flavor to the scones.

After cutting open the figs and discarding the tips, chop up the figs into bite size pieces.

Take the dish of butter shavings out of the freezer and add to the dry ingredients. Working quickly with your fingers, blend the butter into the flour mixture until the butter is broken down into small pieces. The flour mixture combined with the butter will be like corn meal. Add the fig syrup, plain Greek yogurt, honey and vanilla extract to the dry ingredients and combine together until mixed well.

Lightly flour a dry clean surface to roll out the dough. As you are working the dough with your fingers, flattened the dough out to form a 8 an inch circle. Do not over work the dough for this will make the dough tough. Use 2/3 cup of chopped figs and sprinkle them on top of the dough. You want to place the figs on top of the dough instead of combining them into the flour mixture so that way the figs are not smashed to fine. Spreading the figs out evenly across the dough. Take one side of the the dough and fold it over to cover the figs. Just like if you were making a raspberry or apple turnover. Form and flatten the dough into an 8 inch circle, about 3/4 to an inch thick. Using your knife to cut the dough into wedges. If you want to cut the dough into circles, that's fine too.

Place scones on baking sheet. Lightly brush scones with milk or buttermilk and generously sprinkle the tops with fig brown sugar. If you prefer scones with no sugar topping, skip this step! Either way the scones are delicious plain or glazed.

Bake for 17 minutes or until golden brown. Allow the scones to cool down. You can serve these scones with preserves and butter or simply eat them plain. The fig yogurt honey scones are best served warm.

Baking Fig Yogurt Scones
Baking Fig Yogurt Scones
Glazed Fig Scone
Glazed Fig Scone


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    • Marla Rose profile image

      Marla Rose 6 years ago from Aventura, Florida

      Thank you Kerlynb for following my Hub on Fig Honey Yogurt Scones. I appreciate your sincere comments. Yeah their pretty easy to make. The recipe is simple and quite easy to follow. These scones just melt in your mouth. They come out so flaky and light and are perfect any time of the day.

      You should be able to find figs at your local grocery store. I know they sell dried and fresh figs at most supermarkets. If you live near by a Fresh Market or Whole Foods store, you can pick up figs there. You can use either dried or fresh figs if you like. I find though that fresh figs give the scones a a better taste. They taste richer in flavor.

      In fact, just the other day, I was in the Fresh Market by my house and saw fresh figs in the produce department. Happy eating and I hope you enjoy this scone recipe!

    • kerlynb profile image

      kerlynb 6 years ago from Philippines, Southeast Asia, Earth ^_^

      Looks pretty easy to do and I must say quite yummy too! Now I must figure out where to get figs :)

    • Marla Rose profile image

      Marla Rose 6 years ago from Aventura, Florida

      Thank you Seeker 7 for your comment on the fig honey yogurt scones. I appreciate your compliments. Yes indeed these scones are truly delicious! They are so good! These honey fig scones are light and flaky and will melt in your mouth. I hope you give them a try and enjoy them. Thank you once again!

    • Seeker7 profile image

      Helen Murphy Howell 6 years ago from Fife, Scotland

      These sound absolutely delicious and after noticing that the recipes contain - honey, figs and yoghurt - I just can't wait to give these a try! They look so mouth watering!

      Great hub + voted up awesome!!!

    • Marla Rose profile image

      Marla Rose 6 years ago from Aventura, Florida

      They truly are! I'm glad that you will try them. Thank you for commenting nwarriar. I really appreciate it.

    • nwarriar profile image

      nwarriar 6 years ago from Quebec, Canada

      Hi Marla

      These sound scrumptious! Will have to try them.