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Herbs-You Do Not Use Them? Think again.

Updated on January 18, 2015
Cook with herbs to bring out the full flavor of foods. Include herbs every day in meals to heal the body.
Cook with herbs to bring out the full flavor of foods. Include herbs every day in meals to heal the body.

Herbs are All Around Us

Many people say they do not believe in herbs and nor do they believe in herbs for medicinal treatments. The many who deny using herbs probably did not know that they use herbs every day and did not realize it.

• Most of us expect that first cup of coffee in the morning

• Most people drink coffee and tea several times a day

• Some people must salt foods before the item tastes good. Salt savors the food item and salt can also be damaging to the body if taken in large quantities on a regular basis

• Many of us use spices every day when cooking meals

All of these things are herbs. Herbs help us spice up foods. There are herbs that get us going in the morning. Herbs are full of medicinal qualities. Every herb on the planet has its own unique history and story.

The non-herb person may use these herbs every day and not realize where the item originated. There are plant sources with healing and medicinal qualities that cover many centuries of interesting folklore and truth.

Do not get too comfortable with herbs, because as beneficial as they are in the body, they, like traditional medicines have some potential hazards. Too much of a good thing is never good, including herbs.

Many parts of the world cannot afford medicine or do not have access to modern medicine. These parts of the populace frequently use herbs for medicinal treatments.

Nearly five billion people world over use herbs for healing. There is a good share of today's medicine that formulates an herbal base. Digitoxin or Lanoxin is a pill prescribed by doctors to their patients who have faster then normal heart rate. This herb slows the heart rate and is derived from the foxglove herb.

Many times, we use herbs without ever recognizing it. When was the last time you enjoyed a coca-cola or that cup of coffee or tea? These are known stimulants that get us up and keep us going through busy days and nights.

In addition to being a stimulant, the drinks that we love so much are a potent decongestant. They help to prevent tooth decay. In the very beginning, sodas or carbonated beverages were herbal medicines.

Thousands of years ago, herbs played the only part in health because people had no such thing as modern medicine. Try some ginger tea. Ginger tea is still a part of modern day medicine.

Ginger beer was developed by the English. Hundreds of years ago, ginger beer helped to settle an upset stomach. If one has ever had the flu, he/she probably sent a family member out for some Ginger Ale to settle an upset stomach. Ginger Ale, derived from ginger beer is what we use today to help settle upset stomachs.

Years ago, coke was first developed to help take away a headache. Coke is derived from the herb kola nut. The kola nut was used in the seventeenth century to treat respiratory problems. At one, time, the medical community recommended that parents try giving their asthmatic child cola to help ward off asthma attacks.

When we eat in a restaurant, sometimes the chef will add a sprig of parsley to the side of the plate. Many think parsley is used to adorn and color the plate of food. The real reason parsley accompanies many restaurant plates is, parsley is full of chlorophyll.

Restaurant patrons should chew the parsley after completing their meal. Parsley is known to cleanse the teeth and freshen the breath. Next time a meal is eaten out and parsley is on the side of the plate know that it has a worthwhile purpose. Just do not toss it aside.

Restaurants are in the habit of leaving peppermints or mint chocolates with the bill. Mints are an ancient remedy to help settle stomachs after a meal. Mints are still used today as a medicinal stomach remedy.

Do not think that you do not use herbs every day? The truth is that herbs are in your life everywhere you turn. Herbs taken for health reasons have little if any side effects, unlike their counterpart synthetic medicines. Herbs are a food source, therefore has little to any known side effects. Any side effects of taking herbs are possible, but would be rare indeed.


The Healing Herbs by Michael Castleman

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