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You Were More Than Just a Lunchtime Affair

Updated on January 18, 2010

More than just a dessert

From the time we first met, I fell in love with you. You were oh so sweet. The time I spent with you was pure ecstasy.

All morning long you patiently waited for me, inside my lunchbox. And when noontime came, you were the belle of the ball. After my sandwich and apple, I took you out and set you on the table. Sometimes the room would fill with silent gasps as all heads turned my way.

I was the center of attention when we were together. And there was no way I could share you with all those other kids. Besides, I didn’t want to share you with anyone. I wanted you all for myself.

So we danced. We danced the dessert waltz. Every minute we were together was beautiful. And onward we swept until you were gone. And I would look at your empty wrapper and sigh a little bit. But then, I would remember that I would see you again tomorrow. And it wasn’t such a letdown.

I remember you as if it were yesterday. And I know it has been many years. I even asked Hostess Bakery if they would bring you back. But they politely refused.

And so you shall remain, just a memory of days gone by. But the Hostess Banana Flip will always be a pleasant part of my childhood.


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    • frogyfish profile image

      frogyfish 6 years ago from Central United States of America

      I KNEW it was coming...but couldn't figure out WHAT!

      Naw...give me a Twinkie!

      You have a lot of intriguing titles...I will be back for more! Going to follow you now.

    • habee profile image

      Holle Abee 8 years ago from Georgia

      OMG! I loved banana flips, too!