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Yuengling Black & Tan Beer Review

Updated on December 30, 2011
Bring it home!!
Bring it home!!

Here I am in Pennsylvania, the state of the Yuengling Brothers Brewery, waiting for a first major snow storm of the season. If there ever is a time to drink dark, heavy and foamy porter, this is it in my mind!

Thankfully my hubby agreed and I have in front of me a glass full rich, heartwarming Yuengling brew! It pours with a decent creamy colored head, almost reminds me of spiked hot chocolate. This beer also smells like malt adding to the rich and little fuzzy feel I get while sipping it slowly.

The bottle advices me that this is a traditional English 18th Century brew and I can see this type of beer being very popular with all the beer lovers in England relaxing in their local pubs after hard day of work!

I think you are doing this brew injustice if you skip the glass (or mug, or better yet, stein!) It simply needs to be poured out in the open to create that wonderful foam before you drink it.

The bottle also tells you about those faint caramel flavors but don't be fooled, this beer is rich, not sweet by any means. I personally often find dark beers way too muted and strong so this mix of a Porter and Premium beer (yes I was copying straight from the bottle again) just might be a perfect dark Chick Beer for the Holiday Season!

All you need to do is cuddle inside a soft blanket and get ready for the snow to fall without a worry. Sip your Dark & Tan from you deepest glass you can find and just remember that Summer Time and the Corona & Lime tasting parties are only few months away..

Pros: Rich, filling, no aftertaste

Cons: Well, it IS dark beer, will you give it a chance?

The Bottom Line: Close your eyes and think Ireland or England and the best Porter you can possible drink. At least give it a shot, I'm glad I did!

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