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Zojirushi CD-WBC40 Micom 4-Liter Electric Water Boiler and Warmer Review

Updated on July 28, 2010

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“This water boiler is wonderful. It’s large so that it holds enough water for several people to drink in a day. I like how there are different “keep warm” temperature settings you can set this boiler to. Perfect for different types of drinks. Overall this unit is well designed.”

“We did a lot of research before buying this water boiler. Some of the things I like about this unit are the magnetic plug which makes it easy to plug into the unit, its attractive design, and its ease of use. This unit was carefully designed to prevent you from burning yourself with boiling water. Before you dispense the water, you have to unlock it first.”

“I’m a huge tea drinker and this electric water boiler is perfect for me. I like that it swivels so you can point the steam elsewhere. I bought this on Amazon for a good price too so I’m very happy with my purchase.”


Click Here to Buy Zojirushi CD-WBC40 Micom 4-Liter Electric Water Boiler and Warmer

Do you enjoy drinking hot chocolate, hot tea or instant coffee but hate having to boil a pot of water on the stove each time you want a drink? If this is you, then you need to get the Zojirushi CD-WBC40 Micom 4-Liter Electric Water Boiler and Warmer.

Zojirushi CD-WBC40 is an electric water boiler that boils water and keeps it warm for you to use whenever you want. There are 4 different temperature settings you can use to keep your water warm. They are 140, 175, 195 and 208 degrees F. A button on this machine lets you boil water and then dispense it. You also set the time that you want water to start boiling so that it saves energy. A very nice feature since you can set water to boil right before you wake up in the morning.


  • 700-watt one-touch electric dispenser with 4-liter hot-water capacity
  • Micro-computerized temperature-control system; reboils to 212 degrees F
  • 4 keep-warm temperature settings; auto shut-off for peace of mind; 6- to 10-hour timer
  • Cafe-drip dispensing mode; LCD display; water-level gauge; nonstick interior



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