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All about the Bananas and How You Can Benefit From Them

Updated on May 30, 2012

Bananas, Bananas, Bananas!

Well, here goes the facts about the banana! You gotta love the fruit. It taste great and is good for you. What more could you ask for? Oh,but wait there is so much more that the banana can do for you. It is concidered the cooling fruit. Imagine something that you like to eat having soo many benefits that it is hard to count how much it can do for you. Plus, there is some history behind the banana that you want know about.

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Wikipedia history on Banana's

Early cultivation

The domestication of bananas took place in southeastern Asia. Many species of wild bananas still exist in New Guinea, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Recent archaeological and palaeoenvironmental evidence at Kuk Swamp in the Western Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea suggests that banana cultivation there goes back to at least 5000 BCE, and possibly to 8000 BCE. This would make the New Guinean highlands the place where bananas were first domesticated. It is likely that other species of wild bananas were later also domesticated elsewhere in southeastern Asia. Southeast Asia is the region of primary diversity of the banana. Areas of secondary diversity are found in Africa, indicating a long history of banana cultivation in the region.Some recent discoveries of banana phytoliths in Cameroon dating to the first millennium BCE have triggered an as yet unresolved debate about the antiquity of banana cultivation in Africa. There is linguistic evidence that bananas were already known in Madagascar around that time. The earliest evidence of banana cultivation in Africa before these recent discoveries dates to no earlier than late 6th century AD. In this view, bananas were introduced to the east coast of Africa by Muslim Arabs.

The banana may have been present in isolated locations of the Middle East on the eve of the rise of Islam. There is some textual evidence that the prophet Muhammad was familiar with it. The spread of Islam was followed by the far reaching diffusion of bananas. There are numerous references to it in Islamic texts (such as poems and hadiths) beginning in the ninth century. By the tenth century the banana appears in texts from Palestine and Egypt. From there it diffused into north Africa and Muslim Spain. In fact, during the medieval ages, bananas from Granada were considered amongst the best in the Arab world. In 650, Islamic conquerors brought the banana to Palestine.

Bananas were introduced to the Americas by Portuguese sailors who brought the fruits from West Africa in the 1500s. The word banana is of West African origin, and passed into English via Spanish or Portuguese.

Plantation cultivation

In the 15th and 16th century, Portuguese colonists started banana plantations in the Atlantic Islands, Brazil, and western Africa. As late as the Victorian Era, bananas were not widely known in Europe, although they were available via merchant trade. Jules Verne references bananas with detailed descriptions so as not to confuse readers in his book Around the World in Eighty Days (1872).

In the early 20th century, bananas began forming the basis of large commercial empires, exemplarized by the United Fruit Company, which created immense banana plantations especially in Central and South America. These were usually extremely commercially exploitative, and the term "Banana republic" was coined for states like Honduras and Guatemala, representing the fact that "servile dictatorships" were created and abetted by these companies and their political backers, for example in the USA.

Did you know that bananas grow on a plant not a tree?


What else can they do?

Bananas can help cure or prevent hangovers,

A source of potassium,

high amounts of vitamin C,

and they are a natural antacid for your heartburn!!

Bananas are an herb with edible flowers and fruit.

Check out the bananas in the videos! You may learn something new today or at least get a few laughs!

Benefits for your health - All from the banana


One banana has 11% of the RDA of dietary Fiber and only about 108 calories. The Fiber in bananas not only keeps digestion regular, but also helps maintain low blood sugar and curbs overeating.

Lower Blood Pressure

Studies show that the high amounts of potassium in bananas (over 13% of the RDA) can lower one's blood pressure, which in turn lessens the possibility of atherosclerosis, heart attack and stroke.

Bone Health

Along with lowering blood pressure, potassium prevents the weakening of the body's bones. A high sodium intake, which is typical of many American diets, can cause excessive amount of calcium to be lost through the urine, which threatens not only the strength and general health of the bones, but also negatively affects blood clotting, proper muscle contraction, and normal nervous system function. The potassium found in bananas neutralizes the high amounts of sodium in one's diet, thus allowing for healthy amounts of calcium to remain within the body.

High Nutrient Absorption

The potassium in bananas is not the only means to ensure healthy levels of calcium in the body. Bananas also contain high levels of fructooligosaccharide (FOS) that--along with insulin--promotes calcium absorption. FOS further nourishes healthy bacteria in the colon that manufacture vitamins and digestive enzymes that boost the body's overall ability to absorb nutrients.

Healthy Digestive Tract Bananas can diminish the uncomfortable effects of diarrhea and constipation. The high amounts of potassium in bananas can restock electrolytes that are easily depleted when suffering from diarrhea -- potassium being an important electrolyte itself. Furthermore, bananas can relieve the body from constipation and help restore regular digestion with pectin, a soluble polysaccharide that helps normalize the digestive tract.

Rugged Gut

Bananas protect the healthy constitution of the stomach in two ways. Firstly, they trigger the production of mucus in the stomach, which provides a protective barrier against stomach acids. Secondly, bananas possess protease inhibitors, a substance that breaks down bacteria in the stomach that cause ulcers. (Moreover, protease inhibitor also obstruct the replication of certain cells and viruses, including HIV.)

Cancer Prevention

A large study by the Internal Journal of Cancer illustrates that the probability of developing kidney cancer is greatly lessened by frequent consumption of fruits and vegetables, though especially bananas. For instance, the probability of developing kidney cancer in female subjects decreased by 50% when eating bananas four to six times a week.

Vitamin B6

One banana has an impressive 34% of the RDA of vitamin B6, which serves many important roles in the body's health. For example, the B6 in bananas acts as an anti-inFlammatory agent that helps ward off cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes, as well as obesity. B6 also contributes to the maintenance of the lymphoid glands that ensure the production of healthy white blood cells that protect the body from infection. Finally, the vitamin B6 in bananas plays a pivotal part in cell formation and proper nervous system function, making one banana a day a healthy and delicious choice.

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Like or not to like....This is the question! - bahaha!

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Please leave a note at the bottom of the web page and be heard by the people of your opinion! Also, if you liked the page and want me to be able to make more for you to see then click the like button at the top of the page so I can continue my work! Have a great day and enjoy the web page!


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    • profile image

      DebMartin 5 years ago

      I love bananas. Can't believe I missed the dang tree/plant quiz! ;-) I like to dry banana for a healthy snack when I'm paddling in the bush for weeks on end. Keeps my energy up and helps prevent cramping in my legs and hands. Just like candy when they're dried. Yummy fruit, yummy lens. d

    • CyberTech LM profile image

      CyberTech LM 5 years ago

      I eat so many Bananas! A PLANT! WOW would have never know this one! As Steve_Kaye says they come in a natural wrapper! And Tinamahan is right good for leg cramps. I buy 3-4 bunches at a time and will eat as many as 4-5 a day. Love them! Mom was right Bananas are good for us!

      Great Lens Thanks for the information.

    • profile image

      SteveKaye 5 years ago

      Bananas are my favorite fruit. I eat one almost every day. They taste good and come in a natural wrapper. Yum. Thank you for publishing this lens.

    • profile image

      tinamahan 6 years ago

      I love bananas! My Aunt was advised to eat one every day for leg cramps! Thank you for sharing the benefits!

    • Lady Lorelei profile image

      Lorelei Cohen 7 years ago from Canada

      I learned something new - I did not know that bananas are a natural antacid for heartburn. After reading your article it explains why they always help me out when I have the flu. Very well done. Best wishes.

    • profile image

      jannacathrin 7 years ago

      Funny! We went to Papua New Guinea last year and they had bananas with every meal: banana jam for breakfast, steamed banana for lunch, fresh banana in fruit salad, banana cake or banana split for desert. Thanks for reminding me.

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      nice lens. thank you

      I book marked your main web page for personal reference.


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    • profile image

      sam3erry 8 years ago

      did you know bannas are actualy herbs?

      weird aye!

      nice lens.

      cheers, sam

    • profile image

      vmark 8 years ago

      cool lens. Banana fruit is the best and my favorite in the world. Thanks for the info on bananas that I did not even know. 5**. Mind rating my lens on Village Market