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Tired? Stressed? Can't Sleep? Here's Why!

Updated on April 4, 2013

Alfalfa, Organic Green Nutrition

Are you tired? Stressed? Sleeping poorly? Would you like to increase your energy levels? The answer is to increase your pH! What is that you say?

It is the natural balance between your bodies acidity and alkalinity. Here's an example of how it works. Just like acid build up in hard working muscles makes them weak, acid build up in the body makes the whole body weak.

If you want to reduce stress then the quick fix is to increase your dietary mineral intake which reduces the acid in your body and increases oxygenation of your cells. Your body does not make minerals so it depends on a regular source of dietary minerals to produce hormones that are important for the treatment of stress, anxiety, insomnia and mood swings.

Since minerals are water-soluble, they easily pass through the body when influenced by internal and external stresses including exercise, emotions, menstruation, diarrhea and prescription medication. Where are you getting your daily supply of pure food based minerals? Not from conventional produce or shallow grown plants and sprouts!

Are You Suffering From Mineral Deficiency?

Grasses just don't cut it!

If you're looking for minerals you have to dig a little deeper than a few inches. Most greens companies use grasses and sprouts in their formulas because they require less labor and they grow quickly but they are only sprouted or planted in an inch of soil so they just don't go deep enough to get you what you're looking for! MINERALS.

Consider this - Alfalfa has a root system that grows up to 100 feet deep to secure and deliver the minerals we need to maintain good health. Alfalfa powder also tastes better than most greens.

Grow Your Own or Choose an Organic Farmer

Listen to an Alfalfa Grower! - Health Benefits of Alfalfa - Your Organic Green Powder

Order Your Alfalfa Direct from the Farm and Save

Visit Suede Hills Organic Farm

How Will I Know if the Alfalfa is Working? - Alfalfa Benefits Explained

One of the quickest ways to find out if the alfalfa is giving you the minerals you need is to test your urine pH. Sound difficult? It's not. Just wet the tip of a pH strip to check your score (get free test strips below). The first urination of the day is always acidic but the second one should give you the right measurement.

Taking the alfalfa powder: 1 teaspoon with each meal should get you started in the right direction and you should see results within days. If its easier you can take a heaping tablespoon once a day, if you're a tough case then have a heaping tablespoon twice a day. Here's what you will notice:

  • Increased energy
  • Total body calming effect
  • Less anxiety
  • Better sleep
  • Stronger hair and nails
  • No constipation
  • Dramatically reduced or no heartburn depending on your diet
  • Acidity related weight loss from fat that is storing toxic acid
  • Total body detoxification

Click here for your Free pH Test Strips compliments of Suede Hills Organic Farm

See How You Score! - Acid Alkaline Chart

The Best Greens for Your Money!

Why spend twice the money buying green sprout powder from health food stores with less nutrients when you can buy alfalfa greens shipped direct from the farm for 1/2 the price and with more than twice the nutritional value.

I found a certified organic farm in British Columbia, Canada (shown here at the end of the rainbow) that grows their Certified Organic Alfalfa on land that was an old river bed - that means it is naturally mineral rich soil.

I was suffering from chronic fatigue and their Alfalfa Powder is what really helped me turn my health around (I took 2 tbsp twice a day in my drink - but I weigh 200+ lbs).

I recommend their Alfalfa Powder and their Alfalfa Capsules.

Trust me, you won't be disappointed and you'll see the improvement in as little as one week with your free pH test strips.

I wish you good health and long life!

Organic Alfalfa Powder to the Rescue!

Gear to Get Your Alfalfa Greens In

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I can't tell you how "much" my dog LOVES alfalfa, I really got to get one of those sprout growers....but daily we both get a smoothie treat, and since I've been giving her half her hair's much softer, her eyes has more glow and she's has more energy now, also doesn't pull on walks, but she won't drink much anymore unless I put some Barley Greens or kibble in with it, not sure why? But it's a handful of Spinach, 1 banana, 1/2 stalk of celery, less than 1/2 c. water and that's it. (in my smoothie I had more).

    • Ellen Mitchell profile image

      Ellen Mitchell 

      6 years ago

      Great information. I used to use alfalfa power which seemed to give me more energy. Thanks for the "bug in my ear." I want to get back to using it.

    • LaurenIM profile image


      6 years ago

      Alfalfa Powder huh! That's a cool idea! Thanks for the info.


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