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Amazing First Communion Cakes

Updated on May 23, 2013

May your child have the best first communion cake!

First communion is one of the most important events in a young Catholics life, so honouring this special occasion with a first communion cake is a great thing to do.

In this page you will find inspiration for cakes, ideas on how to make your own cake for this sacred occasion and much more.

From the simple cakes made perfect with the use of cake toppers to magnificent multi tiered ones that skilled processionals will craft for you.

Photo Credit: Eldriva

What should be on a first communion cake?

And what was on my cake

There are no rules. It could just be an ordinary cake. However to emphasize the weight of this event there are some details the cake can include.

Religious elements: chalice, rosery, bible, dove and cross are very suiting for this occasion.

Religious inscriptions: there are lots of quotes from the bible that will be more than fitting for this event

Personal note: let there be no mistake to whom this cake is dedicated

My first communion was quite a while ago. I had a home-made one in the shape of the bible. My cousin had a gorgeous masterpiece, they had it made in the local bakery and it was a sight for the eyes. It was a tiered cake with a girl praying figurine on the top and rosemary laying on the bottom tier.

Buy Chalice, Rosary, Bible and Dove Cake Topper - Simple but effective

I really do like this cake topper. It is time saving and has all the important elements on it.

Oasis Supply First Holy Communion Cake Kit
Oasis Supply First Holy Communion Cake Kit

#all the details you need to make your cake perfect

#add a personal note or a religious quote

#you can make your favourite cake, any shape you like


What color should the first communion cake be?

Does it really matter?

Again there is no rule. You can have the cake in pretty much any color.

The popular colors are light pastel colors and the "usual" gender related colors - light blue for boys, light pink for girls mostly in combination with white.

Sweet Pink for the Girls

Photo Credit:CC

Great Cake Pans to Help You Make the Perfect Cake

If you decided to make the cake by yourself there are two great cake pans you can use to help you with your creation.

First is the cross pan - very suiting for the occasion.

And second bible cake pan - might be even more fitting since you can easily include a suiting bible quote on one of the page and a personal dedication on the other page.

Both pans are from Wilton, which is a company well known for their quality bake ware.

Photo Credit: Editor B

Buy Cake Pans

Wilton Large Aluminum 3D Book Cake Pan
Wilton Large Aluminum 3D Book Cake Pan

Fill in the pages with inscription dedicated to a person who's having their first communion and add a quote from the bible.

Wilton Mini Ball Pan
Wilton Mini Ball Pan

Can't get more symbolic than with a cross cake.


Will you be making the cake yourself?

See results

Beautiful Cake Toppers

Any one of these will turn your cake into a masterpiece and will be a true sight for the eyes (sore or not).

Pink Bible Cake

Photo Credit:

My First Communion...

...wasn't great

I was looking forward to first communion, but to be honest mostly because of the gifts I would receive and as this was something that I would share and go through with some of my dearest friends and I finally had the opportunity to wear something fancy. Well I didn't get much out of it I guess.

At that time we didn't have a lot of money so my aunt who was also my godmother volunteered to sponsor the clothing. We were happy about it naturally and said yes. But this came with a price. No one but her had a say as to what the dress should look like, not even me. You can imagine my disappointment. As you can see on the picture the dress doesn't look that bad but I just didn't like it. It had a strange, well ugly collar (it really can't be seen that well on the image) and compared to other dresses just didn't look modern.

As the day was approaching I remember feeling weaker and weaker when finally I was struck with a fever so high I was hallucinating (it was fun to be honest). So I missed the first communion at our church. It was arranged that I had the first communion at another one where I didn't know anyone. I was still feeling sick which explains why I look like I was going to faint on the picture. I felt so left out and alone. Well I had one friend of mine to come with me to cheer me up so that did make the whole day a bit better.

And now to the gifts. I was aware my family wouldn't give me something and that didn't bother me... It all came down to my godmother (with her super taste of fashion) and as she was quite on the wealthy side I admit I dreamt of getting something cool. I remember almost all of my friends getting cool engraved jewellery or watches and how they would proudly wear them as well as some other cool things (bikes were super popular then) . I got a bible. Everyone had a cool keepsake they could showcase. I got a bible. I already had one. Needless to say I was disappointed. I was a kid and I wanted something cool.

But I did have a fancy cake! My mother made it. I remember it as if I would get it yesterday. It was a book shaped cake (there's that bible again ;) with a chalice like image on one page and inscription on another. It was a chocolate cake! And that was my favourite cake.

Photo: Personal archive

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    • Two Crafty Paws profile imageAUTHOR

      Two Crafty Paws 

      5 years ago

      @LUMOSE: =) Hope he will have fun! There's no doubt the cake will look beautiful!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      My younger son will have his First Communion next week. I will make a cake.

    • bethann21 profile image


      5 years ago

      I am a new catholic as an adult took my first communion. I had no idea that there was a whole cake type celebration associated with it. Thank you for sharing.

    • WriterJanis2 profile image


      5 years ago

      These are very pretty,


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