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I purchased pink slime! Have you?

I have turned away from the big boxes because of pink slime and make a special trip to another grocery chain. I have purchased their meat loaf for over 2 years and have been exceptionally happy. Until now. They too, have changed and the meat loaf I onced loved all $5.96 per pound had to be thrown out - it was clearly pink slime. I am devastated. I ordered meat loaf today from Allen Brothers. I don't like the price but we both work and eating out is more expensive and we both enjoy meat loaf. Why isn't ammonia in beef on the labels? How can Americans spend $5.96 per pound for this junk?


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etower036 says

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4 years ago
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    Kelly Kline Burnett (4FoodSafety) 4 years ago

    I purchased meat loaf in the deli, already prepared, ready to cook. I have done this a dozens times and have been thrilled - great meal for the family under $10 depending upon the amount of meat.

    I thought they had an in-house butcher - sad.

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