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Do you believe the food industry is manipulating with BB labels to make us throw away good food?

In France they got caught manipulating with the expiry dates to make people throw away good food and therefore make people buy more, more often. I was wondering if someone has noticed some other articles, especially from the US. Here in Europe the subject is pretty well covered and I even found some Japanese newspapers discussing the food waste problem as something exaggerated by the food industry, but not so much from the States. //If interested you can also have a look at my Hub:

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Arco Hess (Arco Hess Designs) says

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3 years ago
  • koerakoonlane profile image

    koerakoonlane 3 years ago

    what about yoghurts (dairy product) or sausages (meat, another category seen dangerous, not to be joked around with) which get their Eat Before dates marked weeks before they actually become inedible?